Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrating Five Years as a Family...

She is ours and we are hers...An arrangement that was destined by that red thread that connected us together, forever!
Her forever family gift from China revealed a tea set from the White Swan hotel in Guangzhou.
JJ was happy with some cash to save and spend later!

Today marked the day that we became an official family of four, plus the two furry babes.  Five years ago today, we met Tori for the first time, and the next day, we officially became her parents and she became our daughter.  Plus JJ gained a new little sister to love and pester!!!

 Today we had a great day starting out with the fact that Dad was off for MLK.  Later in the morning, we headed to the Olive Garden to make the day even more special.  Yes, we feel blessed that God sent us these two treasures to make our family complete.  We couldn't imagine life without our "Little Man" and our "Baby Girl."  We love you to pieces, our precious twosome!!!  (Yes, even when you argue with one another...)


Kim K. said...

Happy 5 years together! We're not far behind. Just a few months until our five year Josie anniversary.

Extra hugs!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

What a beautiful post! That tea set is so special! There used to be Olive Gardens in Canada, but about ten? years ago they disappeared. They were a favourite family spot for celebrations. Congratulations!