Thursday, January 26, 2012

She's Five!

Tori and I spent yesterday evening making a special La La Loopsy banner.  We are quite proud of it.  It was made with things we had on hand and with the help of Google images. 
And look what the Loopsy gang prepared for Tori...Their own surprise birthday banner to wish their favorite playmate a happy one!  She loved the little story I made up.  Then she told me, "Mom you know you're really silly!"  

Kim C. really did an outstanding job, and Tori was very pleased.  (Her cakes taste heavenly, too!)

Opening gifts from grandparents...Need I say more!

A special card from her big brother...With a DS game he purchased himself.

She is just a little more than two Disney dolls high.

A priceless reaction...My dad and mom have been collecting Victorian doll house furniture for several years.  Hopefully, after my dad has his last eye surgery, he can get back to finishing the house.  He has already recruited me to paste the wallpaper.  (Yep, Kim  K. I can hardly wait.)

Money and Lite Sprites are a great combo.

Yep, they spoil both the kids...But Chris and I can't say anything because our grandparents spoiled us rotten, too!


Lisa said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Tori!!

Kim K. said...

Birthday blessings to your sweet 5 year old@!! Looks like a fabulous party. What a beautiful banner and that cake is just perfect too. I'm sure Josie would love to help Tori play with her new lalaloopsy dolls. I can't wait to see how the dollhouse turns out. Hugs!

Mahmee said...

Look at that loot! Woohoo! Five is fun. Happy birthday princess!
Love, MSR.