Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Go to the Movies and Celebrate the Number 5!

Her birthday announcement on the inside marquee

The butterfly craft was a hit.  They enjoyed munching on chips and fruit (Tori's favs) while they crafted away!

Then came "popcorn" cupcakes...Just cut mini marshmallows sprayed with a bit of yellow food coloring.

And the "Happy Birthday" song...Her shyness comes to play at this moment, and she is pointing to her Dad in embarrassment.  For a little social butterfly most of the time, she does have her shy moments, too.

Addison getting her fill of the yummy icing

Presents!  This year she wanted to get right to the "stuff" without reading the cards!  We want to thank everyone for all the nice and generous gifts.

A tour of the film room...Now that everything is digital, there is no button to push to start the movie.  But, the girls enjoyed looking down at the theater and the rush of wind that blows your hair when the window is opened.

The movie of choice for the birthday girl?  Well, with only one to pick from, it was Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  I will have to admit even though we have seen it countless times at home, there is something about seeing it on the big screen and with the 3D features is makes it even more grand.

Check back tomorrow evening.  It's T's real birthday with lots of surprises for her in store.  My kids are just growing up way to fast, but I so do love celebrating their birthdays with them! 


Kim K. said...

How absolutely delightful. What a fantastic party. Love the popcorn cupcakes. Darling idea!

JinXiu said...

Happy Birthday tori from fellow Xuwen Cousin Emilee

Mahmee said...

That looks like some serious fun!