Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon

At P.F. Chang celebrating Forever Family Day and CNY on Sunday...By the way, starting yesterday and lasting the 15 days of CNY, P.F. Chang is giving out red envelopes with discounts and free appetizers and deserts. 

Tori with Mom's help prepared goodies to take to her preschool class.  We sent a dragon craft, DVD and educational packet from Panda Express, white chocolate covered fortune cookies sprinkled in red and gold, red envelopes with gold chocolate coins, and a dragon made from mini cupcakes.  Sunday night was spent getting the majority of this ready.  Mom was exhausted with all the food prep by the end.  I am so glad I had the foresight to send the craft and educational packet ahead of time!  (Her shirt was a gift from some dear friends last year for Christmas.  I just adore it!)

Lovin' the sprinkle duty!

There were several posts from other blogs (Thanks, Kim for sharing the dragon head site) and other places on the Web that had ideas for dragon cakes.  Some were just down-right amazing!!!  Tori loves those mini cupcakes with her "Easy Bake Oven," so I took a couple of ideas and made our custom cake.  Tori enjoyed coloring the dragon head, and especially enjoyed placing the red and yellow M&Ms.  If we decide to do this for Kindergarten next year (maybe I can attend next year to help out), we will do a bit more prep work and add feet and a tail.  Tori's teachers were thrilled and the kids were so excited about the cake and all the treats.  (And Tori was so proud of her hard work!) 

Our celebrating for CNY is far from over!  This weekend and next we have a celebration here at home with the Jones family and one with our FCC group.  But before that we have a birthday to celebrate!  Check back soon for Tori's birthday movie party that was held on Saturday.  The birthday girl turns the fab 5 officially on Thursday.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


Kim K. said...

Your dragon cupcakes turned out absolutely fabulous. So many fun ways to celebrate CNY and it sounds like the celebrations continue for your family!!!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happy New Year!! Your dragon cupcakes turned out beautiful, and such a lovely family photo. Best wishes to you in the coming year.

Heather said...

Happy New Year! Tori is just so darn cute standing next to her fabulous dragon cake!