Monday, January 23, 2012

Four Years Forever a Family

(Fall 2011)     Forever Family Day, January 21

A forever family story...Once there was a couple who met at college.  The woman a first-year student, and the man was a second year student...They met as Student Ambassadors at RSCC.  After dating over five years while he finished his second year at law school, they married on June 12, 1993.  Both began their careers.  She began teaching high school English, while he found his calling as a legal studies professor at the local community college were they first met.

After years of what the medical professionals call "infertility," the couple was blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  Born three days before Christmas, the couple brought him home to an excited group of grandparents on Christmas Day. 

As he grew, the couple faced losing their first furry baby, a poodle mix named Sophie.  She was a stray who found them and lived with her family for five years of love, happiness and comfort until late summer of 2002.  There remains to this day a place in the hearts of those who loved her.

But, God had other plans for this little boy and his parents...In 2004, God put it in the hearts of the couple a plan for adoption.  Domestic adoption was in the works in early 2005, but their hearts were turned toward international adoption, specifically China.  In March 2005, the paper chase began.  Finally, with everything completed their paper work along with their hearts, was filed in China on November 5, 2005.  With the promise of a six to eight month wait the family of three waited to see a picture of their daughter and sister.

Eight months turned to 23 months of waiting for that precious picture.  As each month passed with no referral, the couple felt a pain in their hearts.  The young boy, thinking his sister would never come, came to the point of no longer asking when she would arrive.  In the mean time, June 2007 rolled around and with it came a five-pound mini doxy named Perci.  For awhile this new addition occupied their time and energies. 

Then in the early fall of 2007, word came that our time to see our daughter would approach very soon.  The paper pregnancy was about over!

On November 5, 2007 a file with a picture of a precious baby girl was delivered to Bethany.  The family anxiously awaited to see their beautiful daughter.  With tears of  joy, they gathered around the home laptop to see the newest family member who was almost 10 months old.  With great love for this little girl who they had yet to hold, they shared her picture with family and friends, planned their overseas adventure, packed their bags, and headed on a plane to China on January 16, 2008.

With unsure eyes, this almost one-year old was placed in the couple's arms on January 21, 2008.  It didn't take anytime at all for this little pixie full of sweetness and spice to latch on to her mom and dad who birthed her in their hearts.  Now, the family was complete. . . Almost

In October 2010, an unexpected visit to a pet store revealed a white poodle to the family of five.  With the sweet eyes and shy demeanor of their beloved Sophie I, the family decided to take her home to be a member of the family and a furry sister to Perci.  This little bundle of white fur became Sophie II. 

Forever grateful is this forever family.  Grateful to God that he planned this family to live together in joy and love despite the pains that life can bring. 

Thank you, forever friends and extended family for all your love and support.  This forever family...Chris, Cindy, Jonathan, Tori, Perci, and Sophie forever love you!


Kim K. said...

I always love happy endings. We have so many things in common (fertility issues, Bethany, teaching careers, sneaking in crafts when we can..etc. It's been so much fun getting to know your special family, Cindy.

Happy 4 years! What beautiful pictures. Such a beautiful story.

Lisa said...

Happy Forever Family Day!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Family Day! What a wonderful journey!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Three years(LID 01/27/2006)

Mahmee said...

A great story.
Happy birthday Tori!