Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Semester Can't End Soon Enough!

 Here's the picture I deleted from the last post...All Mamaw's turkey's at Thanksgiving!
 At the soda fountain during Rockwood's home tour...Thanks Mamaw and Paw for going with us!
 Cornstalk Heights own cookie lady, Tracie.  She is known far and wide for her cookie spread for our Christmas home tour.
 I took the boys to Fort Southwest Point's Christmas tour.  Boy was it dark and the wind from the lake really cut us into!
 The best part of the tour was all the reenactors that participate.
 A bit of old with the new...He was taking pictures of all the buildings and artifacts with his DS.

 Cookie making time...Thanks to Mia and Joseph spending the night the weekend Chris was gone, and his wonderful administrative assistant, Cathy, who sent us the jar of cookie mix, we had lots to keep us busy.
 Cathy, those were some darn good cookies!  I think that we inhaled them by the next day.  Thank you so much...It was so sweet of you to send it!

 Mamaw and ice cream...Can't get any better than that!!!

Wow.  After the day we all put in yesterday, I think we are all due a little break. Tori is sick with pneumonia; JJ had a dentist appointment to remove his last baby tooth in order to prep for braces; I am at my wits end trying to finish up my school stuff; Chris is working like mad to prepare to leave his office behind for awhile; and JJ, Chris, and I are studying 6th grade math, science, social studies, and language arts to prepare for second nine-weeks tests (Yep, Chris and I feel like we are back in school, but we didn't have this much in 6th grade!).  Plus not to mention all the preparation to take snacks and presents to our work places and schools.  Can't we just pretend it's all done and begin to enjoy our holidays?  Whew!

I already feel so behind anyway with all the holiday tasks.  Christmas cards done...nope; shopping done...nope; decorating complete...nope; kitchen completely finished....nope; holiday baking...Are you kidding?  That's a big Nada!!!  I am really trying not to stress.  I just wish that I could shake off this cold that has me dragging a bit at this point.  Let's just pray that it doesn't turn into something worse.

As you can see above, there are just random shots of the kids here and there. Chris has been traveling to meetings and conferences lately, so at different points in the past two weeks, we were in survival mode.  His longest trip was to Orlando, and the kids and I so wanted to join him with the warmer weather and the proximity to Disney.  But, too many responsibilities kept us here to hold down the fort at home.

Don't get me wrong, we have been enjoying the Christmas season.  There have been several things close to home that have really sparked our Christmas spirit.  And we have several things on our schedule for this weekend and next week.  Concerts, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations are just a few things we have to look forward to.

I have one special request to make of my blog friends once again.  Would you remember my Aunt Sarah?  She has taken yet again another fall.  Confusion and dementia are unfortunately taking over, and her body is frail from almost 93 years of time and toil.  She never wanted to be this way, and my mom and I never wanted this for her, either.  Thanks a bunch for your time and friendship!

Have a special December evening filled with lots of happy moments!


Heather said...

Hi Cindy! I was wondering where you've been. Sounds as though you and your family have been extremely wonder you're struggling with getting things done for Christmas. Hope that your aunt is well soon!

Kim K. said...

Beautiful pictures, Cindy. Thinking of you during this hectic time. I'm sorry that Tori has sick. Prayers coming from West MI to your family...especially your Aunt.

Mahmee said...

Cut yourself some slack this year woman...
Go to the bakery and use cold hard cash to BUY baked goods instead of making them.
Don't send out the Christmas cards this year. I missed a year (2 if you count China) and the world did not end.
Ask your kids what decorations they absolutely have to see in the house this year and only hang those.
Do all of the shopping online...even if it costs you a bit more. The lack of stress is worth it. We bought everything online this year and it was very nice.
You are supposed to get to have fun too. Speaking of that, I hope you feel better soon...and Tori too. I'm also sorry to hear about your Aunt.
Love, M.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

It looks like you are enjoying your new kitchen Cindy, but I am so sorry about pneumonia - when the kids are sick it makes managing so difficult, I hope you are all coping, how awful. I will certainly remember your aunt Sarah.