Friday, December 2, 2011

Reminising November

Okay, so I am learning to navigate the new blogger update.  I really meant for this to be the last pic, but it is what it is.  The girls had just as much fun as the boys at Wilderness for JJ's birthday celebration. 

The crew plus a crazy dad adds up to lots of fun for a 12th birthday present.  Yep, he will be 12 on December 22!

Just wanted to mark this milestone...These are "big" girl jeans, if you consider a 4T slim "big" girl.  Hey, it took my mom finding this brand new pair of Arizona Jeans for a whole dollar at a yard sale.  These are normally $36.  Not only was this a find, but we realized that they fit!  Since then I have purchased her another pair, and with coupons and discounts, I only paid about $6  and those have really cute pink embroidery with rhinestones.

Thanksgiving celebrations at the Grandparents...T and Emmie

Makin' some turkeys at Mamaw Teina and Big Paw's

Okay, at this point, I accidently deleted the photo I took of Mamaw with their annual Thanksgiving craft they make for her.  It's late, so look for it in my next post!

Tori...Making one of many holiday wish lists on her DS.

Thanksgiving weekend always marks the Fantasy of Trees.  The kids always have lots of fun with lots of crafty activities and fun things to do all surrounded by the beauty and splendor of Christmas trees and other Christmas decor.

Nail painting is always a must!

Every year the only thing that I require them to do in the craft area is the thumbprint ornament for the year. I have a small tree at home that is devoted to these ornaments. 

J loved this year's theme...Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

The Whaley and Jones clans braved the cool temps last night and attended the town's annual Christmas parade.

Guess you thought I would never be back! Well, I am like a "bad" penny : )

It has been a whirlwind November and the beginning of December is bringing the same kind of swirling, whirling, "blink and it's the next day" kind of breezes. We have braved Wilderness in the Smokies with seven kids in tow, Christmas shopping (Black Friday...are you kidding? That is certainly NOT my thing.) and decorating (still working on that, too), the Thanksgiving holiday, and tons of chaos at work and at school. Speaking of my work, I received that dreaded evaluation...not what I had hoped, but at least I am in the boat with the majority of my co-workers. Looking back, it was ridiculous of me to spend that much time on one lesson plan. But, on the other hand, the State should have prepared all of us for this HUGE transition.

I am always reminded that after Thanksgiving, it is that time of the year that our family lives for weekends and our winter break (Not that we don't do this during the whole year, but at Christmas time, we love all the celebration, activity and fun that the holidays bring.) This year, Tori is especially excited about all the fanfare and fun. She has really gotten into the Santa Christmas list thing, decorating, and watching all of the festive shows that come on multiple times. (You all know, the ones featuring Rudolph, Santa, and Frosty where as kids we waited what seemed like forever to see it ONE time every year. Kids these days just have it too easy!!!)

Sorry it's been so long...I would like to say that I hope to get better about keeping up, but other things just seem to always get in the way. Please say that you love me despite my shortcomings when it comes to blogging!

Have a happy weekend celebrating Christmas with those that you love,


Kim K. said...

So many fun adventures! What a lovely family picture too. I hope your weekend is a relaxing one. Bring on the Christmas decorations! I'm ready for some Christmas cheer in the midst of all our "life". Thanks for your email messages. They mean a ton.

Mahmee said...

Looks like a fun November to me. Yipee! I realized this morning that we are on day 4 of the advent calendar already. WTH?! Zippin' by. Da's parents are here right now so, we are having lots of holiday fun. Hugs from the NW.