Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Celebrating Christmas, Part One

 At the 41st Hanging of the Greens at Trenton Street Church
 JJ had his middle school band Christmas concert the last week of school.  He and his fellow band mates did an outstanding job!  Bravo to the beginning band members!!!

 Tori was still battling pneumonia the last week of her school.  Chris took her for the Christmas party since she was fever-free.  She was one sick little puppy for a few days!
The Sunday before Christmas, we attended the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra's Christmas celebration.  We took Little Granny (Chris's grandmother) with us, and we all enjoyed the performance and the great Christmas tunes.
 Lil' Miss Grumpy with Santa who made the show...She still was battling the aftermath of the pneumonia.
 Instead of giving gifts, my sister-in-laws and I opted to do lunch and the Chipmunks movie with the cousins before Christmas weekend.  
  (December 22) Our now twelve-year-old...He celebrated that night with his family and best bud.  The cake theme this year was Mario.  Kim did another outstanding job.  He was so pleased with his cake!  And gifts...well, he was showered and blessed with them.  Thank you everyone!

 Mamaw's birthday was the next day...We took her to the tea room in Sweetwater.  This year she had both her girls there along with some of her best friends.  Because it was so close to the water plant, my Uncle Terry came as an extra special guest.
 A little impromptu photo shoot at the tea room...It is certainly a lovely place for one! 

Check back for part two....I didn't want to overwhelm our readers with too many pictures at once!


Kim K. said...

You've been one busy family! So many fun celebrations and beautiful pictures to boot! Can't wait to see more. I'm so glad you've been stealing some time in your craft room!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I am so glad Torie is feeling better from pneumonia, it is so serious.

That birthday cake is phenomenal, it must have served so many people! I think lunch and the "chipwrecked" is the perfect gift.

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoying the holidays.