Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Celebrating Christmas, Part Two

 A tradition continued...Introducing the Whaley family gingerbread house

 They both are very focused when it comes to this Christmas task.

 Christmas Eve...Always begins with lunch, gifts, and family time at Mamaw Teina and Big Paw's
 This year was a Michael Jackson tribute with decorated black fedoras and dancing to "Thriller."  Thanks Aunt Audrey for the great craft time!

 Uncle Tee-Tee had a big surprise that took them outside for a treasure hunt.  They all dug in a container full of bird seed to uncover their maps which promised more treasure hunts and more goodies during our family beach trip scheduled for May 2012.  He even had the big kids (my brothers and I) on a hunt, too.  Yep, my uncle spoils us just a bit.

 Celebrating Christmas Eve with Chris's extended family....
 Tori loves her great Aunt Angie!
 Chris's grandmother is a card.  Sometimes it is hard for her to get around, but her mind and wit is sharper than any fifth grader!
 Tori could hardly wait to get home and leave the "Reindeer Magic" for Rudolph and crew.  She loved that story this year as well as the Hallmark Jingle one. 

Of course, we couldn't leave out Santa.  Sorry Santa, but Mama Elf didn't have time to make homemade cookies before Christmas.  We will just have to catch you next time!

Okay fans...Part three coming soon!


Kim K. said...

Darling pics. Your gingerbread houses turned out simply adorable. Sounds like you've been making the most of your break!!

Heather said...

It all sounds like fun! The gingerbread looks especially cute! No time for should be baking in that fabulous kitchen of yours! lol! By the way, mine is still a disaster!!