Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Just Blow Bubbles and Other News

let's just blow bubbles,
For no good reason,
let's just blow bubbles.
Laugh a little, watch them disappear,
not even wonder where.
Smile and touch the rainbow colors
watch them float in air.
No reason why--
no goals--no structure.

let's just
blow bubbles...

Anytime Tori plays with bubbles, I always think of one of my favorite "Mom" poems. This was one evening when the temps were down and the light breeze welcomed us to play outside. Dad got out the chalk, too, and boy did they have a time with that!

August 9...JJ's first day of 6th grade and middle school!
It all began with the royal summons last week from her preschool...
Princess Tori being officially presented at preschool
Lots of fun that day...A tattoo station, sponge painting station, royal snacks station, and nail painting station!
She is now a royal preschooler!
One last evening with the slip and slide at our park. .. Jonathan and Joseph begged for one last go, and the dad's obliged yesterday evening. Thanks to the dads and Paw Lowell for setting it up and taking it down one last time this year!

The kitchen renovation is in full swing...A quick before shot

I spent yesterday cleaning out cabinets and organizing things into storage containers and boxes. My dad and father-in-law are coming on Friday to do the removal stage.
Meanwhile, the cabinets are taking up the whole dining room.
Just to give you a small preview of what is to come!

Sorry it has been awhile...We are finally in the swing of school (and already looking forward to fall break). The state has new teacher requirements, so it has been a unique start this year for me. JJ is doing a great job tackling a new routine as a middle school student. Tori loves her teachers this year, and enjoys her two days of preschool. The semester has just started back up at RSCC, so Chris has been working extra hours to get everything done. All-in-all things are going just fine...We love it when the weekends come around to get caught up with some rest and enjoy some down time.

I hope that everyone has a good week ahead...Just keep thinking about our long weekend coming up! Hooray for our Labor Day weekend!


Kim K. said...

You all are super busy and to be doing a kitchen renovation too! Sounds like you need a fairy godmother and a few prayers!! Keep having fun and be sure to take lots of kitchen pictures!

Happy Monday! Cheers to a long labor day weekend!

Heather said...

Boy, you must be one busy remodeling, back to school and everything else! It's been a crazy time around here too...can you believe that I subbed the first week of school?

I am looking forward to your big kitchen reveal. I must say, I am going to be a bit jealous...your new cabinets look beautiful!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Wow! a kitchen reno admist everything else. You certainly must be ready for the weekend. In these parts school begins next week. I love the Royal Summons!!!! I am glad your children are adjusting to the fall routine.

PS I would also love to see pics of your Holly Hobbie dolls!

Mahmee said...

I like that slide. Chris is brave to be on the bottom of the pile.
Your before kitchen shot...that's pretty much how my kitchen looks. Over the last few years, we've swapped out the 1959 appliances, the flooring and painted everything just to get by. It needs a complete gut though. So, of course...I am envious!
Good luck with the remodel. Can't wait to see the end result!