Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Bye Summer 2011!!!

Yesterday, we spent the day with M and J for the second annual Splash Country "back to school, goodbye summer" bash. It rained off and on, but it didn't stop the four amigos! They ended a great time eating at The Blue Moose stuffing themselves with chicken, mac and cheese, and peanut butter ice cream pie!

After cleaning up the demolition mess from the kitchen and organizing a make-shift kitchen the in the playroom, we headed to Mamaw and Paw's for an afternoon swim.

Remember the plastic bubble kits of the 70s? The kids and I found these at our local discount store. I remember these fondly as a kid, but this one seemed to work much better than the ones I remembered. Anyway, while I worked in Mamaw's kitchen to prepare some food for this week so we wouldn't have to live off sandwiches, the kids passed the time making all kinds of semi-permanent bubbles.

A Friday night out with the girls...Tori and Addison both needed shoes, so Audrey and I took the girls and headed for a little shopping spree. While we shopped, Tori and I took Addison to Build A Bear, so that Addison could pick out her birthday present from us. I can't believe she will be two next weekend!

Tori helps to stuff Addison's new friend.

Check out those shoes! Tori was so excited to see these Sketcher-like sneakers. She has been wanting a pair like these for awhile, now. So, with buy one, get one half, Mom caved in and had her fitted for these.

On Friday morning, Paw and Paw demolition came in and gutted the kitchen. I came to check on them during my break, and this is what I saw. Anytime I see my dad doing stuff like this, I am always reminded of how strong he is. With one to two blows with the mallet each time, he had the cabinet panels down in no time!

We are at stage two of the the process...Tim will start stage three tomorrow!

It has only been three days, but I think I am handling it well without a kitchen so far. The plan for the next two weeks is to get all the prep work done before the cabinet guys come in to unpack and place the cabinets. After that, the appliances will be placed and the counter tops will be measured and ordered. There is a two week wait period for that. So hopefully, we will be back in a nice, new kitchen by our fall break in the middle of October.

Right now we are feeling the effects of the tropical storm from the Gulf, and it has literally rained all day and will continue to rain until sometime tomorrow. We really did need the rain, but I don't think we need this much! My prayers are still going out to our East Coast neighbors and their continuous battle to manage and clean up after Irene.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!


Kim K. said...

Your kitchen-redo is going to be amazing!!!! How wonderful that you have a Daddy that is so handy. Another jam-packed weekend full of swimming and shopping. What more could you ask for! We're gearing up for our fist day of school tomorrow. Keeping our fingers crossed when the 5:50 alarm goes off!

Mahmee said...

Yeah, you do have some great free labor over there! So...what does one do when they don't have a kitchen? That would be a new one for me. Right now, I am sans washing machine and it's been interesting.
Plastic bubbles ROCK!