Saturday, August 13, 2011

J.J. and Tori's Seaside Sanctuary

Yes, right now I would give anything to be at the beach. School is in full swing, and oh, how I wish for the lazy, free days of summer! However, when my longing becomes too great, I can visit our seaside sanctuary upstairs in the kid's bathroom. Because it is no secret that they have a special connection to the beach, I decided during the bathroom renovation last winter they needed the beach to be a daily escape and a place to unwind. Right away, I knew that their haven was going to be a beach theme with a bit of a vintage feel, too. (Notice that Tori has to have her mermaids in her tub!)
One of my favorite things is the vanity with the double sinks.
My Great-Granny McCartt's washstand can be found in the corner of the open closet with the kid's year-round beach tree.
I found these towels for a steal at Home of my favorite discount stores. The seaside children plaque came from Victorian Trading Company. . .one of my favorite catalogs.
I have had these frames since last February (found on clearance at a department store). Last year at Hilton Head we had a professional photographer take pictures of my whole extended family. These are the three best of us as family and of the kids together.
Now you can say you have seen THE tub. If you remember this is that tub we had such a hard time getting one that wasn't damaged by the Lowe's warehouses. Yep, in this case, the third one was the charm!
Red Door Antiquities is my favorite local antique store, and it's just down on main street! The shelf and sign came from there. The sand castle was a Myrtle Beach find and the jar of shells and seahorse were Hilton Head treasures.
I had this little book even before we bought our house. (When I was in high school, every Tuesday, several friends and I would walk to have lunch at our friend Chip's house just a block down from our house now. Even then, my dream was to have one of these beautiful Victorian era homes. I passed this house many times and never imagined it would be mine one day!) The little sailor boy is one of my latest finds from Victorian Trading Company.
Bringing the beach home with us...These are bottles of sand of our two favorite beach areas, Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, S.C. Myrtle Beach is really commercial, and the kids love all the excitement. Our favorite though is Hilton Head Island with their emphasis on historical and environmental preservation.

Thanks for taking the tour with me. Check back soon this week as our kitchen cabinets will be delivered on Thursday. Let the great kitchen renovation begin!!!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I love everything about this bathroom, what a retreat! great job putting this together. That tub is gorgeous!

Kim K. said...

I'm sorry you're already in school. That just doesn't seem fair. Another sweet connection with our families. I love your beach-themed bathroom. I'll always think of you when I go into our beach bathroom. Adorable accessories, Cindy. Can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets!!

Heather said...

What lucky children you have! I just adore their bathroom, and that tub is to die for. I can hardly wait to see the new kitchen!

I am just dreading going back to school. After that first day, the summer just seems to disappear, and back comes homework, packing lunches, friend troubles, and hectic schedules! I'm miserable just thinking about it! lol!