Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fit for a Princess

This pink Dutch doll quilt was made by my Great-Grandma Daisy for me when I was little.

Pottery Barn is one of my favorite catalogs in which to flip through and try to replicate some of their designs. At the beginning of the summer, one of their catalogs included a beautiful canopy for a little girl's room. Not at all liking the price tag that came with it, I decided to make Tori one of her own, but much cheaper. On one of my expeditions out to the antique stores in our area, I found the antique white "mosquito" canopy. It is in perfect condition...smells of lavender and has no holes! I couldn't believe the price...10 bucks! To make it more "princess-like," I purchased some shimmery rose pink tulle and ribbon. Then, I used some scrap booking materials to complete the dreamy look.

Tori has enjoyed playing, reading and sleeping under her billowy canopy. I arranged it so that it could be tied back when she is sleeping, so that she wouldn't get tangled up in it. The decorative features are held on by velcro so that it could be changed easily. This is something I have really enjoyed putting together for her, and I loved the fact that it was a fraction of the cost of the PB canopy.

Check back soon to see our completed beach bathroom!


Debbie Sauer said...

Love the bedroom! I am going to do a bedroom over for my granddaughters and would like to do the canopy. We had 3 boys and the rooms were always done in blue. Pink being my favorite color - this is going to be fun. Blessings

Kim K. said...

It's just gorgeous. Beautiful job, Cindy. Emma would LOVE it and Josie would ask me how to attach spiderwebs pr bats to make a batcave canopy. If only she were girly...sigh.

Mahmee said...

Very, very nice crafty girl!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Cindy, the canopy turned out beautiful. My daughters also want a canopy inspired bed, so your post is very timely. Tori must absolutely love her new room. Great job on this.

Lisa said...

Hi Cindy -- Both Ruby and Lin want canopies for their beds, but I'm nowhere NEAR as crafty as you! I wish! Tori's rooms looks just gorgeous!


Heather said...

Hi Cindy! The bed is just beautiful! Tori must love it!

I'm back from NYC. We had a wonderful time. One of the highlights was going to the Top of the Rock. Thanks again for the tickets!!!