Friday, July 1, 2011

Too Busy to Let the Grass Grow Under Our Feet

Growing up means learning new things...JJ is learning to mow the yard this summer.

Summer photo on the Park Vista bear...

Eating by the riverside at the Peddler restaurant in Gatlinburg
Enjoying the Park Vista pool area...

It is a great set-up for a hotel of this size.
Now you know why we call it the Smoky Mountains...
Getting ready for middle school golf...At his first lesson this week at Emory Golf Course with Sam his instructor.
This morning when Chris dropped her off at preschool, we found out that Tori is ready to move up to the other class. We are sad that we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Aileen. She is an awesome teacher, and we so appreciate everything she did this year for Tori.

Since getting back from NYC, I have been spending lots of my time getting things in order to start the kitchen renovation. All of the plans have been completed and finalized, cabinets are ready to be ordered, and our contractor is lined up. Our neighbor and friend has been such a help with appliances and made that process easier. But, the kitchen is only half of the "Great Construction Project." I have waited to make any mention of the other half because we were waiting to see if it would be possible. The kids have wanted one of their own for a long time, and if at all within his capability, Chris was going to see it through. What is it? Well, the the Hillbillies called it their "cement pond." Yep, we are taking the plunge (ha!) and building a pool. Let's just say that I am glad I have the time right now to devote to all the preparation. Because we live in a historic area and in a city, we have all the zoning and inspectors to deal with, in addition to the pool person and fencing company. We hope to have the pool in ASAP, and the kitchen completed by at least October. It's going to be chaos from here on until completion. I just hope my patience and nerves can handle this!!!

The kids have been busy with their usual summer activities...reading, swimming, spending time with friends, and playing outside when the weather cooperates. I was so glad last week that Chris could take a couple of days off to go with me to my education conference in Gatlinburg. The three of them had a blast while I was experiencing one of the most boring I have ever attended. I know that it just wasn't me because the other teachers who were in attendance were making the same comments. Speaking of school, I received the word while I was there that my principal will be moving to the Central Office. So this fall, we will have some new leadership. Let's just say that I am a bit nervous about this. Who knows who we will get...I know from years of experience that a good/bad principal can really make your life as a teacher great/horrible. Please say a prayer that we will get a good one; I am too old and been at this game too long to put up with too much nonsense!!!

What does July have in store? Well, we have a busy 4th weekend...I am in the kitchen on Sunday making cupcakes. I really hope that Martha's cookie decoration tip works on cupcakes! We are taking a trip to Orlando...Nick hotel, Universal, and Disney. And we will be meeting up with one of Tori's Xuwen sisters later in the month. Of course, the "Great Construction Project" will be on-going, too.

I hope that you have a restful or exciting weekend ahead. Whatever you have planned, please have the best time ever and be safe!


Heather said...

You are very, very busy! I am so jealous of your new construction! I can hardly wait to see your new kitchen!

Kim K. said...

How exciting to be starting a kitchen renovation and adding a pool too! We're home and digging out from beach sand and dirty laundry. Have a lovely 4th of July weekend! Be sure to take lots of pictures.