Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to Blogging!!!

Tori with E.B, the bunny rocker!
She loves the whole process of "building" her stuffed friends.
Giving the bunny's heart some brain power.
Train buddies at the mall
Fan plates...I already had some cups.
My "new" basket and all the treasures to use for crafts and decorating. Kim, do you see your safety pin basket?

Welcome Home, Computer! Need I say more. Wow! Those "geeks" from the Geek Squad work fast as Chris picked it up yesterday afternoon. Thankfully they could save our picture files...of course for more money. We also have updated software to keep us from getting caught again...Let's hope!

I think that all of us are getting a bit of spring fever. J.J. and I are both just about sick of school with about 5 1/2 weeks left. But, boy oh boy do we have so much left to do. J.J. has TCAP tests next week, while I am in the trenches trying to teach three different novels to my classes who are itching for summer (and graduation) just as much as we are. Sometimes it makes for interesting teaching! AND I found out that the Junior English students in our county are piloting the state exit exam for this English level. Thanks...I really appreciate the fact that I already have to prepare them for a writing assessment!

Well, enough whine with that cheese...We had a great time Saturday. I did go to the estate sale and a few garage sales on the way. I came away with an American Girl salon set for Tori that was practically brand new, and a Longerberger basket with the liner and protector. (I could never pay the real price for one...It's just not in my nature!) At the estate sale, I found lots of ribbons, lace, and bits of material to use for crafting...and glass fan plates similar to some that Kim K. has and uses for her parties and celebrations. (Yes, Kim, I have been eyeing those since you first showed them to us!)

Later, we all made our way to the movies to see Hop. It was a fun movie for the kids with some cute characters. However, I am anxious to see what other adoptive moms (or dads) think about the part of the storyline with the little Asian sister whom the family adopted. She is an adorable girl; however, I really don't think I liked how they portrayed her. Maybe I am just being too sensitive. Anyhow, let me know what you think. The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping for spring/summer clothes...and having a bit of fun at the mall. Because of her party in January, Build a Bear sent some "Bear Bucks." It was enough for Tori to get a deluxe E.B. (from Hop). She loves that place, and I loved the fact that we didn't have to pay this time!

I will have to say that it is great to be back, and I sincerely hope none of you have to deal with hackers in your blog future.

Have a great end to your week!


Kim K. said...

Cute pics. I'm so happy to have you blogging again...I've needed a picture fix. You scored BIG time at your sales. Aren't those fan plates fun!! I love using them for appetizers and special desserts. How fun that we share that special collection. Thanks for the heads up on the Hop movie.

We spent part of our day seeing a specialist for Josie's dental work. She will be having extensive work the end of May...a mini root canal is in her future. YUCK!!

Happy Wednesday...nearly Thursday!

Heather said...

We've been home all week on spring break, and now everyone here is counting down the days until summer. My oldest daughter will be graduating from high school, so I'm sure she shares the same feelings as many of your students do!