Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Very Good Day...

Our tiny dancer in her first real ballet costume...liking the colored lip gloss by the way

"Mom, this tutu is itching me. I want to take it off." So I guess this means I will be buying a body liner...Oh, for about another fifteen bucks!

Tori and her ballet buddies...No she really didn't want her picture made at this point, but I was so glad she cooperated so well with the photographer.

The question is...Can mom do this same thing for her recital?

My Dad!!!

I forgot about this pic from Monday...She and her Paw Lowell dressed up some of her stuffed friends in her princess costumes. SpongeBob just cracks me up!

Anytime that I can get away from school for a few hours, eat lunch with Chris, and spend it with Tori is a very good day, indeed! Because of scheduling, I had to pick an early afternoon time for Tori's professional ballet pictures. AND I also wanted someone at our salon to put her hair up in a more than decent bun. (She tends to cooperate better with them than with me when it comes to styling her hair.) The result was much better than my past attempts, and I am glad I did it. Her costume was finally sized to fit her by today...It was at least five sizes too big before. Tori looked like she was playing dress up in it. It drooped so much in the front, I couldn't take a "decent" picture of her in it. (And of course when the order was placed, I told them that she would need the smallest size!) The dance studio wanted them to wear "stage" make-up, but since they aren't buying the pictures, I put just a bit of blush and lip gloss on her. (I will comply at the recitals with purple eyeshadow, but I draw the line with our pictures...Can you tell I am just a bit over this whole ballet thing. Thank goodness she wants to try gymnastics in the fall!) However, she did awesome with her posing and smiling. I really can't wait to see them!

Please be in prayer for my Aunt Sarah. She is in the hospital at the moment getting a blood transfusion...The past few days have been a nightmare dealing with the hospital and rehab center. My mom and I will be relieved when she goes back to her assisted living center next week.

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Fridays!


Kim K. said...

What beautiful pictures of Tori. She looks so grown-up in her ballerina outfit and her bun is divine. A splendid way to end my night. I'll be praying for your Aunt Sarah. I understand completely.


Mahmee said...

Well shucks, she looks so grown up.
R is going to be wearing a Jasmine type costume for her recital in June. Should be fun. Hope your Aunt Sarah is on the mend soon. That's rough.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

She looks beautiful. I didn't know Tori takes ballet - my older daughter is in ballet too! I agree ballet is extremely demanding and I also skip the cosmetics (for us it's just lipsticks - Russian red!, eek). You did a really great job on her classical bun, she looks like a sugar plum fairy!

Heather said...

My girls took a little bit of ballet too. The other mothers would load them up with makeup, and I just thought it looked ridiculous. The photo of Tori looking in the mirror is just precious!!

Lisa said...

Hi Cindy -- Ruby has been doing gymnastics for 2 years, but would SO love to be a ballerina instead! The pictures of Tori are just beautiful!