Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tori's Rudolph Cupcakes

Tori is excited to give these to her teachers and classmates tomorrow at their Christmas party. She had to put on her reindeer shirt for the occasion, too. (And I am so relieved they turned out well! Thanks Family Fun for the great idea!)
Tori is showing you what you will need besides chocolate iced cupcakes:
large pretzels for the careful when dividing in two
Tootsie Roll Midgets...divide into thirds and mold into little ears
Mini Nilla wafers for the snout
red or brown (if you want to add regular reindeer to the herd) M & Ms for the nose, place on top half of wafer with icing to stick
vanilla icing or white M & Ms for the eyes
black decorating gel to complete the eyes
She did a great job placing the wafers.
What a herd! (Make sure you place the antlers in the icing firmly, or they will lose them like the one in the back of the photo.)


Kim K. said...

Your reindeer herd are adorable! Great job, Tori. Cute shirt, too. Have fun at your last day of school.

JinXiu said...

beautiful raindears and a beautiful girl

staci and Emilee

a fellow xuwen family