Monday, December 20, 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time!

Lil' Miss Elf!

Humoring Dad with the pose in front of the packages...

She loves ripping through those presents!

Lip gloss in a toy cell phone...Two of her favorite things!

Listening to a story...

JJ...The perfect gift!

Playing a gift exchange game...


JJ and Mrs. Watson...We have been blessed with great teachers through his elementary years!

Okay, if you were to see me right now, you would just have to chuckle. Picture me on the laptop on our beige couch, Perci nestled on one side snoozing, and Tori sprawled out on the other side with her head in the crook of my left arm sound asleep...makes for interesting typing! Well, these two have been basically glued to me today. Tori has been a bit under the weather, and Perci is missing Sophie terribly as she went for her surgery this morning to be spade. Sophie will be home tomorrow afternoon, and she will need to be quiet and rest for a week. That feat will prove to be interesting considering how much P and she love to play and run.

Anyway, I thought I would share some pics from the kids school parties on Friday. Chris really is the dedicated Dad because he went back and forth between their parties to help out and be there despite all he had to do. They both really love having him in their classrooms to help out at party times. I would say that J and T are blessed, don't you?

Our trip this weekend to the Chattnooga Choo-Choo was full of lots of Christmas fun. We stayed in one of the Victorian train cars and signed up for what they called the "Elf Workshop Package." The kids love the Creative Children's Museum, too, so that was a stop on Saturday morning before we did the holiday activities at the hotel. I am working on a Smilebox presentation, so hopefully I will have it done tomorrow.

Some of the things that are in store this week are JJ's eleventh birthday and Mamaw Teina's birthday the following day. Of course, we have lots of cooking and baking to do, along with cleaning and getting the house ready for family and friends. Tomorrow is the marathon day of appointments...always a part of our time off it seems.

Have a great evening...and check back soon for more Whaley holiday fun!

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Kim K. said...

Your schedule sounds just a tad bit crazy. Christmas break isn't really a it? I can't wait to see more pictures...especially the Victorian train car. That sounds simply romantic (even with kids).

PS. I didn't buy a single thing at the Christmas market. Can you believe it? My best friend surprised me with a lion dance ornament for my CNY tree.