Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...We have snow in ET in early December and the freezing temps to go with it. As of right now the wind chill is about 7 degrees! JJ has helped us brave the cold to help take the dogs for their usual walks. The best news is that there is no school again tomorrow!

The kids are enjoying their new bathroom with the beginnings of the beach decor. We had to do some paint touch-ups this weekend, so hopefully the rest of the beach items can go up soon! The tree has some ornaments that the kids picked out last weekend and shells we bought this summer/fall at the beaches and in the Bahamas.

Celebrating a snow day today with what else but flavored icees! (Hey, it's usually a summer treat, but we were all having a craving for that shaved ice!)
At the 42nd annual Knoxville Nativity Pageant...I love sharing this with my kids, just like my parents used to take my brothers and me. It is an awesome production and a wonderful way to share the true meaning of Christmas.
The choir sits in the heavenly loft behind the barn and Bethlehem scene.
JJ and company performing "Santa's Holiday Playlist" last Thursday evening
"Rudolph" tells Santa that he can help load his new iPod with all of Santa's favorite songs.
JJ did an outstanding job and several people commented on his acting ability. I would like to take the credit, but he really does take this attribute after his dad.
Tori gives her brother a "job well done" hug.

Hooray for snow days...These two days are really giving me some extra time to get a few things done here at home. (However, the next few days at school are going to be killers!) The kids had a great time today making cookies, playing board games, playing on the Wii with Dad (He had the day off, too!), snuggling with P and S, and getting along for the most part.

Tomorrow the mission is to finish Christmas cards and organize the mess I have upstairs with scrap booking supplies and such. I hope that during the holiday break to bring my desk down to the landing and create my scrap booking/crafting corner. The kids are making plans to have a day of fun and hopefully they can play and not get on each other's nerves. We have a dinner to attend with Chris tomorrow evening, so let's hope the weather cooperates.

The remainder of the week holds class parties in which cupcakes and such have to be made. Tori has planned for us to make the reindeer cupcakes pictured on the Dec./Jan. cover of Family Fun. So we will just see how well they turn out! And this weekend? Well, let's just say that the kids are going to be in for a Christmas weekend full of lots of fun! Hopefully, I can take the computer to let you in on the pre-Christmas trip. They know we are going, but they don't know what all is involved. I can't wait, but I have lots to do until then!

Have a great Tuesday...We are planning on it!


Kim K. said...

Wow! Snow days already! How cool is that! Emma was very frustrated when I woke her up and school wasn't canceled this morning. She's determined to get a snow day in before break. I don't think it's going to happen. She's going to be so jealous when she sees that your blog is updated and your kiddos have 2 days off. Awesome pics. Can't wait to see your reindeer cupcakes. Congratulations to JJ and his acting. Looks like he was really getting into his part. Your beach tree is lovely. I should have a beach tree in our bathroom. Cool idea.

Mahmee said...

Snow? Wha?
JJ makes a mighty fine reindeer!
You guys are always going on fun trips. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve this time.