Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enjoying the Holiday Season

Since Dad had to go to a meeting in Louisville, KY on Sunday, the kids and I headed to Rockwood to the soda fountain for vanilla Cokes.
In front of the Glitterville/180 Degrees headquarters in Rockwood...They had their store open for the home tours, so I was able to get some of their beautiful ornaments and Christmas decor for great prices. The kids even picked out some ornaments for their beach tree in the bathroom. Steven Brown, the founder and owner, even has an Asian line of ornaments.
Boy did she enjoy making Toll House chocolate chip cookies on Saturday morning before she went to play with Mia that afternoon.

A Friday night cuddle with Sophie-cakes and Perci-poo...
Thursday night at the Downtown parade...

Waiting on Dad to meet us on the parade route...We enjoyed the warmth of the car until he arrived!

Wow! The time just seems to be flying by! I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner...

Our past weekend was peaceful with some little Christmas events scattered here and there. Chris had to go to Kentucky on Sunday, so the kids and I really missed him for part of the weekend. However, he made it home yesterday afternoon. I was relieved because we have been getting snow in this region off and on. Here it's not so bad...just flurries. But the further you go up North from us, you really run into snow.

JJ is excited to see this week come because he and his classmates have been working hard on their Christmas musical. He will play Rudolph, and despite his shyness, he is looking forward to being on stage to play his character. Hopefully, I will have some good pics to share on Thursday night.

I am so excited about his upcoming weekend because I am ready to finish the kids bathroom with all the special touches. Everything is just about done except for the closet. (I still need to pick out a door...I haven't found what I am looking for, yet.) So, hopefully Saturday I can spend some time putting up some pictures and special things I found over the summer. Stay tuned!

Hope you have a great Tuesday evening..."Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"


Kim K. said...

Great pictures. Rudolph...how COOL!!! Can't wait to see the kids bathroom and I'm very interested in your beach tree. Bring on more pics!!

Mahmee said...

That pic of Tori and the dogs. That is priceless!
Glad you are having holiday fun!