Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friday Decorating/Saturday Shopping

My willing Saturday shopper...Here she poses by a real feather tree at Red Door Antiquities in Downtown.

The dining room topiary tree gets a Christmas makeover complete with the kids thumbprint ornaments from the Fantasy of Trees from the last three years.

One of my favorite things to put out...My Willow Tree nativity complete with the barn my dad made from old scraps of wood several years ago.

Hopefully this winter the Paws will have time to put tile and marble on this old painted brick fireplace, but until then, it features my rose garlands and some of my favorite Victorian ornaments.

The 2010 Whaley family tree...It usually takes a few days to put it all together!

The mantle in the family room...Yep, we are missing Sophie's stocking! That is on my list to get soon!

Just a little preview. . .The kids want to show you their trees, too. But, right now they are getting a bath/shower and putting on jammies to watch "Rudolph" on T.V. There is something about watching it when the networks broadcast it instead of popping in a DVD!

It has rained here for at least 36 hours, non-stop! We may be reenacting Noah and the Ark instead of the Nativity Story if this keeps up...

Have a great Tuesday evening...


Kim K. said...

I love seeing your decorations. It's so much fun to see a glimpse of your house. That hat is absolutely darling on your little shopper. I hope the rain stops soon!

Mahmee said...

Very lovely! It's beautiful!