Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday Night at the Park and Drive-In Fun

Giving Midtown Drive-In a thumb of approval!

The drive-in duo eating ring-pops and getting ready for the movie...

Yep, they had fun!

Having bubbles was a good move on Mom's part!

Movies at the neighborhood park...J.J. found a good way to be on the big screen!

Comfy place...Check...Pillows...Check...We are ready for Bolt!

J and J

Getting a helping hand up the hill from big brother

They had a blast!!!

Last weekend, some of the parents in our neighborhood got together and threw a back-to-school bash for our kids. So Friday evening, we laid out the black plastic on one of the park hills, covered it with soap, and watched the kids slide themselves silly! We took a short break around dusk, and then gathered at our new park gazebo to watch a movie on a big blow-up screen. (Hey, it helps that Chris has access to the great movie equipment at the college.)

In fact the kids and parents loved the outdoor movie theater so much, we are going to do it again sometime in the fall. We really feel blessed that we have such good neighbors who also like to entertain their kids as much as we do; not to mention that we have a great park area in which to share fun activities.

Saturday was a rainy day for the most part, so Chris and I did some cleaning out and organizing that needed to be done in his upstairs office and storage areas. After the morning/afternoon rain showers, we decided to try the drive-in movie that is only about 5-6 minutes away. It has been open for a few years now, but it is just one of things we forget about. The kids had a blast blowing bubbles, eating popcorn and snacks, and traveling up the big hill to investigate the big movie screen. At dark, we got our our lawn chairs and watched Despicable Me for the second time this summer. Besides Toy Story 3, this has been another favorite of the Whaleys this movie season. I love the fact that adoption is one of the plots of the movie...those little girls are adorable! And the kids love the minions. Of course this will have to be a DVD purchase when it comes out later.

Well, I had better end for now, and start getting some things done this evening. Today was my second in service day, and school starts on Monday for J.J. This is also tax-free weekend in TN, so you know that we will be getting our act together and purchasing school supplies and new sneakers.

Here's to a great weekend!

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Kim K. said...

What a cool way to spend time with your neighbors. I especially love the soapy slide. Too cool. Gotta love your husband's connections at his school for high-end equipment. As much as I'm swamped at the University, Emma and Chris don't go back to school until after labor day. Based on your reviews, maybe we can sneak in a trip to see Despicable Me. We haven't seen that yet. I also want to sneak in Ramona and Beezus. Enjoy your weekend and back to school shopping!