Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School Blues!

The re-opening of the family pool...This is a sight that several members of my family thought we would never see...all the newer cousins of the family swimming and having a blast. (Tony and Audrey purchased my grandparents house this summer from our uncle. It still needs some TLC after years of non-use, but it's getting there thanks to my dad and brother!) This is a bittersweet sight because my grandfather who lived here died this afternoon. I know that my grandmother is in heaven loving the fact that a family member will be living in her house and enjoying watching their children grow up there.

Enjoying the inflatables at the "Back to School" bash at Trenton Street Baptist.

Chuck E Cheeses...The last visit of the summer! Here the trio show their loot they earned with all their tickets acquired since the beginning of summer.

Piling up in Mom and Dad's bed for a movie night...

We know that when August rolls around, our summer fun is coming to an end, and school is getting ready to be back in session. Yep, there is a unspoken lament going on in the Whaley house right now...J.J. and I have the "back to school blues!"

But, to overcome some of it, we have kept our week and weekend full of activity like going to Chuck E Cheeses to play, attending a "Back to School" Bash, and getting together with cousins and friends to enjoy these last few days of freedom.

Tomorrow marks J.J.'s first day.... It's a full day of work for me, but after I finish, I am looking forward to having a little time to myself before the week really gets into full swing. Jonathan really looks forward to this tradition, and it seems to take the edge off his mild anxiousness of going back.

So, what are we doing today? As little as possible! We have been working the last two days getting the house better organized for Mom to go back to school and gearing up for the big week ahead.

Please say a prayer for us this week as we begin to tackle another school year. . .


Kim K. said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your grandfather. How nice that the house is staying in the family and being well taken care of. Best wishes as you all transition back to juggling school. You've had a wonderful summer. Here's to hoping for an equally lovely fall!!

Mahmee said...

How is the school year going thus far?