Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Back to the Swing of Things

Our FIFTH grader on the first day (Aug. 9) armed with school supplies and ready to start the 2010-11 school year!

Blue Devils fans!
The band looks snazzy in their new uniforms and sound great with their 2010 show.
Go Blue Devils!
Only my child would bring a sack of books to read at a football game!

The slip-n-slide always means a trail of grass in the house on the way to the closest shower for a good scrub-down!
This reminds me of the three crocs riding piggy-back we saw at the aquarium a few years ago.
Just lovin' it!
The mantle at Small Town Antique Mall. . .Thanks Dad and Paw Lowell for helping us lug it home!
In its new home. . .waiting for the tile, a permanent mounting, and decor by Cindy!
Just had to share this one. . .My doll cabinet is finally back in the foyer! It took a whole Saturday afternoon to unload, move, clean and replace all my treasures. AND we finally have my desk downstairs so that we have a place to sort mail, pay bills, and have a general little catch-all and work area.

Yep, it has been awhile since I have sat down at the computer to type a post! I think that this has been one of the roughest school starts since I have been teaching. (This year marks #16!) With all the changes in our curriculum and the boost of teacher/student expectations, I think that I am ready to retire early! (My dream would be to own a tea room/antique shop or own a scrap booking store. . .just a dream really.)

Well the Whaleys have been busy with school and work in the past few weeks, but we have found time for a bit of fun here and there. Joseph had his tenth birthday a couple of weeks ago, and his request was to pull (and tug) the black plastic out to the park for a take two of the 2010 slip-n-slide. Also the kids have just enjoyed swimming at the two family pools on the weekends to cool off in this continuous blazing heat and humidity. (Please fall weather come to TN soon!)

Also we have been spending the last two weekends cleaning and moving as we are getting closer to our foyer and upstairs bathroom being complete. The Paws have done an excellent job with the wallpaper and trim work in the foyer, and they are moving up to the bathroom next week to put up crown molding, repair the beautiful ceiling, and finish up all the "pretty" stuff that still remains to be done. One of the highlights of the past weeks is the discovery and purchase of the mantle in the foyer. My mom and uncle just happened to be in an antique store in Sale Creek (an incorporated town about 30 minutes this side of Chattanooga) and made the find. I called her later that day not knowing of their discovery and asked her if she could watch the kids the next Saturday so that Chris and I could go to the plethora of antique stores in our area. She told me that we needed to check out this one; it was just waiting for us to come and take it to its new home! It is a beautiful tiger oak in almost perfect condition. Best of all, it was in our price range! Wow, what a blessing. . .so now we have to decide on a design of the tile I have chosen for the entire fire place and hearth. I am really hoping that we have everything done for the holidays.

What does our September have in store? Well, J.J. is signed up and ready to start the Upward football season, and Tori will start ballet after Labor Day. The end of the month will bring J.J.'s birthday bash at NASCAR Park with all his friends and cousins. AND I really hope that September brings much cooler weather. . .I am really ready for all the goodness and celebration of Fall!

Have a great week!


Kim K. said...

What fun pictures. I love your new mantle. I really enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your house too. I'm sorry your fall start-up hasn't been easy. I often have fantasies of leaving my university career to do something more "fun"...I love the tea room/antique idea. PERFECT!

Joette Waddle said...

I love how Tori has the books at the football game! And wow! Jonathan's a 5th grader!
Joette Waddle

Mahmee said...

FIFTH grade! Really?! Yikes!
So, love that pic of the three of them on the slip-n-slide. Ha ha. That is priceless.
Your new mantle is FABULOUS! Love it.
Looking forward to those ballet and football pics. Yay!
Take care.