Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dollywood Kid Fest 2010

Taking Mom for a spin...

Not only was it Kid Fest, but also Dolly's 25 celebration.

Enjoying cousin time and all those thrilling coasters

Lil' Miss Cu"T"ie at the playground area

"Hey Mom, we are lovin' this!"

Ready to go home after a great time...

Even though the heat was unbearable, the kids and I, along with cousin Emmie, braved the temps and had a wonderful day at Dollywood last Thursday. J.J. and Emmie were the champion thrill ride buddies, while Tori and I waited in the shade for them to get their fill. Tori really enjoyed the mini roller coaster. (Yep, as soon as she is tall enough, she will be joining her brother on the big roller coasters.)

While we were waiting for the duo at one of the rides, Tori and I met up with a Bethany family from California who traveled to China to adopt their daughter in early January 2008. We decided that we probably passed each other in the air as they were going home and we were coming into China. What a small world, and who would have thought we would meet at Dollywood? Anyway, Tori enjoyed talking to a fellow Asian sis and sharing her Dora fruit bites with her.

After looking at the above pics again, I can't believe that Emmie will be in 6th grade and Jonathan will be in 5th! Our kids are growing up too fast for my taste! Seeing them in these photos reminds me that I need to cherish every minute (even when Tori is having an "epic breakdown/battle" or J.J. is using a much too "teenage tone" with me.)

Oh well, enjoy the pics. Coming soon...Our fun Friday night (last week) at the neighborhood park and going to the drive in movie on Saturday!

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Kim K. said...

How fun to catch up with another adoptive family at Dollywood! Cousin Emmie reminds me alot of my Emma...especially in the picture of her wearing sunglasses.

Can't wait to hear more about the drive in movie. That's something we haven't done this summer. Cool idea.