Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nashville Cats and Beach Bums!

View from our 17th floor balcony this morning. . .

After a day of travel, we ate at our usual stop, Sticky Fingers at Myrtle Beach. The kids are into Silly Bandz (thin colored rubber bands shaped like various characters and things). J.J. gave the waiters and one of the managers a Bandz and traded with one. Because of his generosity, they gave both kids Sticky Fingers shirts signed on the back by them. Talk about a great bunch of people! And we had a great time eating and talking with our wait staff!

On the road yesterday, we stopped at the mall at Spartainburg for lunch and a reprieve from sitting and driving. Chris and the kids found a hurricane simulator. For a mere $2 they experienced 79 mph winds. . .What will they think of next?

Our little Nashville Cats. . .Chris had a Wed-Fri conference this past week. Dad wanted some company, so we decided to tag along. While Chris conferenced with all the Board of Regents VPs, the kids had a ball swimming in the nice indoor/outdoor pool at our hotel. This is where they spent most of their time until it was time to pick Dad up. Armed with her "Learn to Swim" suit and princess ring, Tori has gained an independent attitude when it comes to being in the pool. J.J. loves it that she is now a pal in the pool. They were hilarious to watch. . .J.J. made up all these swimming games and Tori was his willing participant. And hey, I only had to intervene a couple of times. . .they do like to argue and get on each others nerves. That's brothers and sisters for you. . .Hey, I know, I had two pesty brothers (and they still are!) to contend with growing up! (Hey, T and T, I still love ya anyway!)

You know us Whaleys. . .we love to eat out! While on our little excursion, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, Tony's House of Pizza, and on the way home, a great hot dog place called Cory's Dog House in Mt. Juliet.
Lovin' her fried bologna at Cory's DH!

Hey, I loved getting away last week before our beach trip. It gave me a chance to catch up on my blogging and posting. It seems that when I have been home this summer, there are always things to do and lots going on, so I never really have time to sit at the computer. I am going to try to be more faithful on this trip. . .Disney was great, but a killer as far as posting! So look for almost daily posts while we are here. AND I have decided that on this trip, I am going to finish Tori's China scrapbook. I have about 10 more pages to go, and I am really determined to get it done! Hopefully by this fall, our foyer will be done, and I can begin to create a scrap booking/crafting corner on our upstairs landing. After a little research, I have discovered a cabinet designed for this very purpose. It is a little pricey, so it's one of those things we have to save up for.

Well, I am going to stop rambling and get this crew up to eat breakfast, go get a few groceries, and hit the beach! I hope your Sunday is full of beautiful summer breezes, too!

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Kim K. said...

Looks like you're having fun too. Seems like we're traveling virtual buddies!!