Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun in the Sun. . .Days One and Two

Riding high above MB at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park Farris wheel.

Mr. "Little Man" AND
Miss "Sassylicious" at Drunken Jack goat cove in Murrel's Inlet while we wait to be seated for dinner. The wait was so long, we got some great appetizers at the bar. We are planning to go back earlier this afternoon to eat a real seafood meal.

Havin' fun at the pool and at the beach when it was a bit cooler.

I really should have titled this post "Fun Roasting the Sun." Why? Because it is 100+ on the beach and you can't hardly stand to walk on the sand in bare feet! Yesterday, we tried the beach in the later morning hours and it was miserably hot. The kids were even complaining. . .so the pool was the oasis for the day. Not to mention that we had a "Barney Fife" for a life guard. He was really getting on my nerves with that darn whistle! The rip tides were strong. . .and I understand that. . .but he was on the extreme side. And MB over the years have instituted some beach laws under the guise of safety, but it's really to make more money for the city. Oh well, we have decided that it's better at the beach in late afternoon anyway, and the life guards go off duty at five.

We have been doing lots of resting, but also having fun as you can see by the pics above.

Many sandy and hot hugs,


Kim K. said...

Looks like lots of fun despite the heat. I seriously won't ever complain about MI heat and humidity again after spending time down south. Whew!

Mahmee said...

You go Sassylicious! There is a lot for me to comment on after all of these fun vacation posts....so I'm just gonna say...YEEHAH!...to every thing.