Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Summer Fun!

JJ and his sidekick

Tori's favorite thing to do at Chuck E. Cheeses

Racking up those tickets!

The library crew

M "reading" a story to H and T

She likes her new "pink and flowers" carseat!

Yep, we feel like melted popsicles by the day's end around here. I don't remember a summer like this one when we have experienced the heat and humidity (and pop-up thundershowers) so early in the summer season. In fact, isn't technically summer, yet! So, we have been sticking to inside activities this week. Tomorrow, however, JJ and I will be heading to the Secret City Festival for a little mom and son time while Tori is at school. We are aiming for earlier in the day, so that we don't melt too much!

I must take a minute and thank our town's fire department and Children's Hospital. Tuesday night they held a car seat check. We had never had her seat checked, so I took her by. Once they put it in correctly and took away the base, the straps were way too loose for Tori (That was a reminder of how little she is for her age according to American standards!). So, the lady from Children's gave us a brand new seat that fit her frame better. We can use the other that we bought for a booster, so we didn't make too bad of an investment. I am just glad I had this done before we went on another long trip!

Wednesday was a busy but fun day as you can tell from above. The morning was spent at the library for the Summer Reading Program kickoff. Then we met up with friends at Chuck E Cheeses for a late lunch and some great play. I couldn't believe all the tickets that JJ racked up this time! And Tori followed him around like a little puppy dog; thankfully JJ thought that was great. I really don't look forward to the time when he thinks that having his little sis around is not cool. Maybe that won't happen...

Before I end this post, I would like to wish the Drzicks and their newest family member Lin many blessings and much joy! The Drzicks traveled to China with us to adopt their first daughter, Ruby as she and Tori are Xuwen sisters. They are in China now getting to know their second China pearl. Lin is a beautiful "tween" with sparkling eyes and a smile that would light up any dark room. We are praying for your safe return, and many happy moments with both your daughters!

Hope you have a cool Friday ahead!

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Kim K. said...

Send some of that heat our way!! We're heading to the beach/cottage rental on Saturday and our weather has been overcast and cool.

Have fun with your mother/son activity. We really should get Josie's carseat checked out. Good reminder. Hugs!