Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers and Festivals

We love our Dad!

Our Father's Day cupcake project. . .The "hot dogs" are Hot Tamales candy.

Do you remember Tori's green feet? Well, this is the product of that. She was so proud to give her dad his Father's Day gifts that she had made at preschool the last two weeks.
It was so hot at the Lavender Fest, Tori found refuge in her stroller and some great lemon ice!

Helping to perform an experiment in the AMSE kid's lab. . .

Showing us where the "Secret City" was located in the 1940s. . .Oak Ridge today.

Trying out the feel of an military vehicle. . .

Yep, he found a great way to stay cool!

We had a great Mom/Son Day!

It was all about Fathers and Festivals this weekend. Starting on Friday, JJ and I went to the Secret City Fest braving the humid, oppressively hot weather. JJ found a reprieve in a water slide, clothes and all! Later, we visited the American Museum of Science and Energy where he enjoyed the interactive exhibits.

Since Tori had preschool on Friday, she had her turn with Mom on Saturday morning at the Lavender Fest. This is one of my favorite events in our area because of all the crafts, especially jewelry that can be found. We arrived early, thank goodness, because by later that morning, the heat was almost unbearable.

Saturday afternoon, I worked on making four chicken pot pies for Father's Day gifts. Later, the kids and I worked on making Chris's Father's Day special. We surprised him with a new outdoor grill, and made brownie cupcakes to celebrate his gift. They really turned out cute, and it was just fate that this month's issue of Family Fun included the directions to decorate them.

On Sunday afternoon, the kids finally made it to the theater to see Toy Story 3. I don't think either of them moved through the whole two hours, except to eat their movie snacks. After it was over, they both begged to see it again as soon as possible. I will have to agree that it was a good movie. . .I had tears in my eyes as Andy's Mom said goodbye to him as he was leaving for college. Silly, I know, but I could see JJ and me in that same situation years down the road.

Yesterday, I went for my insulin pump training. So now I am a proud user of the Mini Med Revel pump. Insurance is still pending for the sensors for the continuous glucose monitoring system, but I am pretty confident that they will approve them as part of my insulin pump therapy.

Today the kids and I have been at home. It has been so nice to be at home all day to clean and get ready for the rest of the week. Tomorrow evening, I leave for a two-day education conference in Gatlinburg to complete my summer in service requirement. I hate to leave the kids, but I think it will do me good to get away before our Disney trip (which is only three days away!). Thank goodness for a great husband and two wonderful Mamaws who are willing to hold down the fort while I am away!

And this is a bit late. . .But, thank you Chris for being a "Mr. Incredible" dad and husband! Thank you, Dad, for always being my hero, and for loving all your grand kids. Thank you Lowell and Estel for being number one Paws and the best construction team anywhere. Uncle Terry, thank you for being the best "big brother" to me and "Uncle Tee-Tee" to your nephews and nieces. And to my brothers, you are both great dads, and I am so proud to be your sis!

I hope that your week is full of good summer fun with those you love!

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Mahmee said...

Well, I'm guessing you must be leaving in the morning for Disney...on my birthday no less!!!! Haha...guess I'm still envious. (grin)
Boy, you can really see the heat hitting Tori in that photo. Yikes. Sounds like you guys have managed some fun regardless.
Love those grill cupcakes...they are totally awesome!
Please tell JJ that we really loved his comments in R's card (forgot to mention that earlier). He is a wonderful little man.
Have a great trip!