Monday, June 14, 2010

A Weekend of Celebration

Before I talk about this weekend, let me share two photos of the duo from this afternoon. We had a line of storms move through, and there were lots of tree limbs on the street. I found them piled up on the window seat, behind the curtains looking out and discussing the "bad" storm that had passed.

Chris and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner Saturday night at Copper Cellar including my favorite dessert, strawberry crepes! Thanks Mamaw and Paw for watching the kids!

Happy 92nd birthday, Aunt Sarah! We celebrated yesterday with brunch at IHOP and then had teacup cupcakes afterwards. . .They weren't as easy to make as I thought! But, of course I would do anything to make Aunt Sarah's birthday special.
This week is full of doctors and a dentist appointment for me. Oh, joy! Anyway, we do have one play date with the Cooks planned at Chuck E Cheeses, the summer reading program kick-off, and the Secret City/Lavender Festival this weekend. And the kids are counting down the days to the Toy Story 3 premier. Jonathan also reminded me today that our Disney trip is only 11 days away! I bought three books on Disney this past weekend, and today, one came in handy to book our last two meals at the parks. Yes, I will admit that I am getting really excited, too!

Hope that you have a great week ahead!


Mahmee said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a nice celebration. Aunt Sarah looks great. Only 11 days until the trip?! Hot damn. Can't wait to see those photos.

Kim K. said...

What a darling teacup cupcake!! We're counting down the days to Toy Story 3 too. We might have to sneak away from the cottage to see the movie. I didn't know you were going to Orlando this summer. I swear our lives are on parallel paths. We'll be flying out to FL on July 12th for my work conference. Too bad we aren't there at the same time. I'd love to finally meet in person.