Saturday, May 15, 2010

Much Better May Days!

Our writer-in-residence learns about early printing at the Rugby Printing Works.Dad helps out while they pet the baby chicks that a local farmer had for sale. They were a bargain at $1 apiece, and they begged. . .Thankfully I can say we don't have a new pet!
Tori in front of the garden entrance to Thomas Hughes's home place.A group shot. . .Sharing an affectionate moment. . .The friendly, furry residents of Grey Gables are a highlight for both kids.
Her Friday night strawberry ice cream with sprinkles. . .
Friday night we tried the new restaurant in Kingston called Market Street Fountain. They have great food and ice cream, and a very friendly staff . You can bet we will visit there often!
J.J. played Old Maid with Dad and Tori while we waited on our food.

Yes, we have had a much, much better week around here. Among noteworthy news. . .our new heat/air system is in and just in time for hot and humid weather, my brand-new insulin pump came in this week (I have to go to the diabetes center later to learn how to use it!), and our summer break is coming up in a couple of weeks!

Today we celebrated Mother's/Father's Day with all the grandparents at our annual feast at Grey Gables in Rugby. Linda, the innkeeper and chef, always prepares the most wonderful dishes with her mouth-watering rolls and a heavenly dessert. This year we happened to book our lunch on one of the days of the May Rugby Fest. So, after lunch, we strolled through the crafts and some of the historic buildings. This was a town established by Thomas Hughes in the late 1800s as a place where English second sons could come to America to have a place to call their own. Because of its rural location, the town slowly died until the 1960s where locals worked hard to revive this historic town. Many of the public buildings have been refurbished and the new construction has to meet all the historic guidelines. So the town has preserved its Victorian English beauty for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. It is really a hidden treasure tucked in the very rural Morgan county area. We always enjoy the hour trip because of the serene and rugged beauty of the area.

This coming week holds lots of school activities for Jonathan and me. His big event is the annual talent show, and his class is doing a talent with 80s commercials and music. Chris and I can't wait to see it! Also, this is the week of graduation ceremonies and events for the seniors at my school. This year I was roped into helping with the senior events, so that means my week is full of day/evening responsibilities. The wonderful thing about this week is that after Tuesday and their semester tests, I will only have ONE class to teach. . . my junior English class! Thank goodness for small favors!!!

I hope that all of you have a great week! Until next time,
Much love,


Kim K. said...

Adorable pictures. I was waiting to read that you were proud owners of new chicks...hee hee! Sounds like a busy week ahead for you. Hang in there. I just updated our blog with Emma's Parisian party. I'm exhausted but she's very happy. Hard to believe I'll be doing this again in 3 weeks for Josie's birthday. Hugs!!

Mahmee said...

I'm purposely not showing R these pics as she would hound me for weeks to get a cone like Tori's. I'm so glad that things are going so much better. We are still jealous of your Disney trip...and so glad it's getting so close!
Happy weekend.