Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Disney World Countdown Is On!!!

It's 46 days and counting until we head to "see Mickey and the big castle"! We picked up her Minnie Mouse and Mulan sack dresses with matching bows at CocoBears in Lenoir City today. I couldn't wait to show her fans, so here's a preview of her Disney wardrobe. Yes, it's a sickness that I have. . .I just love dressing her up. (Thankfully right now we have the same taste, and most of the time she indulges/tolerates Mom's fashion impulses.)

Have a great Friday! Coming up this weekend. . .Our annual pilgrimage to celebrate Mother's/Father's Day at Grey Gables in Rugby.

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Kim K. said...

How fun! I didn't know you were heading to Disney. Adorable outfits. Lately, Josie is such a tom boy. I'm going to have to bribe her with candy on Saturday to dress her up in girly clothes for Emma's bday. You must be so excited for Magic Kingdom!! Are you doing a princess breakfast?