Friday, May 21, 2010

Getting Ready for the End!!!

Tori gives JJ a hug for a job-well-done at his talent show.

Our Grammy Awards star!

JJ with his teacher, Mrs. Jenkins. . .She and the other teachers did a wonderful job putting the show together!

Costumed in pajamas. . .JJ and Tucker get ready to go on stage.

Little Miss Carol Burnett: "I am so glad we had this time together. . ."

Tori with my student, Anit at Senior Awards Day this week. His mom traveled to gather wedding items for Anit's sister back in the winter months. She brought back two beautiful saris for her. (Thanks Anit's mom!) Anit is one of my all-time favorites in my 15 years of teaching. He is one great young man, and I along with the whole HHS faculty will miss him!

Helping Dad man his post at the inflatable obstacle course. . .

Bouncing buddies. . .Tre, JJ, and Tyler

Introducing my Mini Med Revel pump. . .

One and a half days for Jonathan. . .Four days for me--This is how much time we have left of the 2009-2010 school year. We are so ready for it to be over!

Jonathan had a full week including his talent show and the PTO fun day/cookout. The talent show this year had a Grammy Award theme. J.J. and his group contributed by doing commercials from the 1980s like Toys R Us, Oscar Meyer, "My Buddy," and McDonald's in between some of the acts. All the kids really look forward to this event every year. J.J. really got into the commercial thing, too. He and Chris spent some time researching and downloading the commercials, so that his group could practice and learn. Truthfully, Jonathan really took the lead and coached the others. We are so pleased that Jonathan is blossoming and growing out of his shell. He really loves idea of performing and he really is a ham, but often his shyness gets in the way.

I have just been taking it day by day this week. There was so much going on with my Seniors and graduation; it was overwhelming. I am happy to say that as of 11:30 a.m. (EST), they are graduated and are moving on with their lives. So, now Mrs. Whaley can finally move on with hers! Next week will just involve me wrapping up with my Junior class and getting things organized and packed away to begin next year. Whew! Also, I will be doing training by web video sometime this week with my new buddy...the Mini Med Revel pump! It has the continuous glucose monitoring system (meaning few if any finger pricks). However, I must have the sensors, and until I have 30 days of blood sugar readings logged, our insurance will not cover them. And they may reject my request totally if they feel I don't need this technology. Come on! I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been one for over 27 years. I really don't think I need to prove anything. . .but what the heck do I know!?! Well, there goes the blood pressure; I think I had better move on. . .

Tori has had a pretty good week. She is enjoying some last days with her grandparents before Mom is home for the summer. In fact, at bedtime one evening we were taking about our summer ahead and she asked, "Mom when will you be home from school?" I just love how she phrases her questions.

In fact, a topic of conversation around the Whaley household recently has been about our trip to Hilton Head in one week! Yep, we are packing up and heading out to the beach almost immediately after my last day of school. This is sure to be a great trip because we will be meeting my parents, my brothers and their families, and my Uncle Terry and his friend who the kids call lovingly, Aunt M & M. We are all staying in the same area in our own condos complements of my parents. (Since my parents are retired, they wanted to celebrate by taking us all to the beach! Thanks Mom and Dad/Mamaw Teina and "Big" Paw!!!) Mamaw, Terry and I have been planning and plotting, so we have some special activities planned for the crew, especially the kids. I really can't wait to be relaxing and spending some family time at the beach!!!

It has really turned out to be a nice Saturday, and we have just been doing chores off and on. I think I have heard that we are in for some good ole' East Tennessee humidity this week. Yuck!

Well, that's all for now. I will try to post at least once more before we leave for the beach! Hooray!

Humid hugs,

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Kim K. said...

You have had one EXHAUSTING week. Awesome pics. Your little beach get-away sounds perfect. Best wishes with the Mini Med Revel pump and wrapping up the end of the school year. HUGS!