Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celebrating the End!

Havin' some fun with Daddy at the neighborhood park this evening. . .End-of-the-Year Splash Bash pics from yesterday evening. . .

Sporting his tye-dye shirt (a school craft project from the day before)
on his last day of school. . .

Celebrating with J.J. after his Honor Day Assembly. . .He his holding his "bling." The "bling" is what they call the metals they earn to add to the necklace.

How Tori has tolerated the new 3-Minute Car Wash we have visited the last two Sundays;
Hear no evil. . .
See no evil!

Sunday brunch at Mi Mi's Cafe. . .

J.J. is jumping for joy, and I will be joining him tomorrow afternoon around 3:00. The end has finally come for school year 2009-2010. Yes, YES!!!

Jonathan ended his year with a bang (and with lots of bling!). He earned a place on the honor roll and earned recognition as an outstanding 4-H student. We are so proud of his accomplishments as far as his academics, but we are ecstatic that Jonathan has had a happy and joyful year while making new friends. Jonathan has really shown a mature and responsible attitude in school, and I credit his circle of teachers for helping to revive that in him. They are such wonderful educators, and we are so glad and feel blessed that Jonathan will have them all again next year. The evening of his last day of school, Jonathan had his annual swimming party at his Mamaw and Paw's. It was a sight seeing 20 plus kids splashing in the pool with a steady rain coming down (thankfully there was no thunder and lightening to spoil the fun). Thanks once again Mamaw and Paw for hosting the party!

After tomorrow, I will begin my summer break. Am I ever ready for a reprieve from teenagers, grading, and paper work!!! In fact, I am so ready to hit the beach! As you can guess, I will be spending my first day off getting ready and packing us for our week vacation. We do have Internet access, so I will be posting from Hilton Head to keep you up-to-date on the Whaley two-crew.

I hope your last days of May are pleasant and peaceful. . .

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Kim K. said...

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Looks like your family closed the school year with a big BANG!

I can't wait to see beach pictures from Hilton Head. June 11th can't get here fast enough. I'm so tired of packing lunches and Emma's homework. I'd love to have my summer's off from the University, but I'm so lucky to have my Mr. Mom home in the summers.

Tori's outfit (top picture is adorable). Did you find that at Target?