Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Blessings of Easter

Happy Easter to our blogger friends!

Tori's death stare--Be afraid. . .Be very afraid!

After the marathon hunt. . .

The duo. . .she finally decided to start hunting!

The line-up. . .

Thanks EB for all our loot!

Easter fun in the kitchen. . .

He is Risen!
The Whaleys have spent the last two days wrapped up in Easter celebration and lots of fun. Yesterday, we spent the morning in the kitchen with our annual egg dying fest. The kids had fun with all the colors and stickers and worked well together most of the time. Both of them helped me with cupcakes and the "bird's nest" treats. (Thanks Kim for reminding me of that cute and very tasty treat. It has been since I was little that I have made and eaten them!) Later, J.J., Joseph, and I went to the movies to see How to Train a Dragon. All three of us really enjoyed the movie, and I can't wait until it comes out on DVD so that we can see it again.

This morning, we got up early to see what the Easter Bunny left for J and T. The highlight was the DVDs that they had been wanting. . .the Chipmunks and The Princess and the Frog. After getting ready, we headed out for breakfast and then to our church. It was so crowded that we had to go to the smaller worship area. We really enjoyed the music and praise, as it is a more intimate setting. With this service, they then play Brad's earlier teaching on the big screens. We still like the corporate worship, but it was a great service, so we will try it out again soon.

For lunch, we had all the family over. Jonathan said the most wonderful prayer before we ate. As he was speaking from his heart, it touched mine that he was speaking to God like a friend, not reciting a "cookie-cutter" prayer. This was my highlight of Easter 2010!

After eating, eating , and more eating, we all headed outside in the very warm afternoon for all the kids to hunt eggs. As it was past her nap time, Tori was in a mood. She refused to pick up any eggs, but thanks to Aunt Crystal, she did finally get started. Chris really captured her mood in the above pic. All I have to say is that I fear her teenage years. . .it will be a battle of the wills!

Well, as it is getting a bit late, I will end for now. Tori and I are off to Nashville for a few days with the HHS Beta Club and the state convention. I hope that your week is a great one!

Much love,


Kim K. said...

Safe travels to Nashville. Looks like a fabulous Easter. Tori's death-star is too funny.

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