Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Beginnings

The second Saturday of every month starting in April marks the Historic Harriman Spring/Summer Car Show

Our Saturday morning egg chefs. . .A good way to begin our Spring Break

J.J. enjoying the neighborhood park with Dad

We couldn't go to Opryland Hotel without having a photo-shoot in the abundant and breathtaking gardens in the hotel. Tori and Mamaw found these cute hair things at the mall. You just twist a bit of hair and wrap them around the spiral. Amazingly they stay in her hair!

After eating at Rain forest Cafe. . .Tori was so excited to be there, she called me to tell me about all the animals she was seeing.

My Beta students rode the carousel at the mall just so that she would have two free rides!
Thanks gang!

She "sweet-talked" Paw into forking over his quarters to ride the kiddie helicopter.

Wow! What a week we have put in! Tori and I went to Opryland Hotel in Nashville for the Beta Club Convention along with my parents, two other teachers at my school, and thirty-eight teenagers. The kids didn't win any of the competitions, but they gave it a great try. It is hard for small schools like ours to compete with the larger, private schools in Middle Tennessee. Because I was preoccupied with escorting students here and there, Tori, Mamaw Teina, and Big Paw enjoyed resting and seeing the sights at Opry Mills.

J.J. and Chris had good father/son time. They ordered pizza just they way they wanted it and went to the park one evening. Jonathan also spent an afternoon with Mamaw Sandy and one of his friends. . .how can you beat a picnic supper at the park?

Let me just say that all of us were glad to see Friday come. WE ARE OFFICIALLY ON SPRING BREAK! YES, YES, and YES!!! And if I have counted correctly, we only have about 22 days left of the 2009-10 school year. The best thing about the week is that Chris has been able to take some days off with us.

Before I forget, I wanted to share a special Tori moment with you, especially since I posted the "killer look" pic last week. Yes, I must redeem her reputation. Anyway, on Thursday, Mamaw Sandy and Tori picked J.J. up from school. When he got in the car and out of the blue, Tori patted him on the shoulder and proclaimed, "You a good brother, J.J.!" I just love these moments of affection between these two because at times they just can't get along. The age difference and gender sometimes makes a lethal combination!

Well, that is all for now. We are celebrating part of our Spring Break at the indoor water park in Sevierville. Later in the week, I will turn the big 40, and my mom has cooked up a little celebration with my family. (I made her promise to keep it small and simple!) And there are other things going on here and there for the upcoming weekend. I will try to do some posting while we are away to keep you up-to-date on all splashing and sliding.

Have a great week. Enjoy all the blooming going on. . .Don't you just love the fresh sight of a beautiful, sunny spring day?

Your almost 40 blogger friend

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Kim K. said...

What beautiful pictures and such a special sister/brother moment. So precious. Enjoy your well-deserved break. Happy 40!! You young thing. I'm in complete denial that I'll be 42 next month. Having a toddler around certainly helps keep the spirit young!! Be sure to take lots of pictures. Hugs!