Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome April!

The kids went with me today to the field where I used to go as a kid to pick buttercups for our Easter celebration on Sunday. Eventually, that field will be covered in yellow!

At the RSCC annual egg hunt yesterday, Tori and her friend Kayleigh share their egg hunt booty.

Tori was just fine with EB here and just wanted Dad in the picture. Later, we headed to the mall for a "real" pic with EB. I will share that photo later.

On Wednesday, Tori went with Mia to the park, and then came home to make Easter cupcakes for her friends at preschool. She made sure that I had plenty of sprinkles on hand!

Ahh! We have finally made it through March and TCAPs! Jonathan said that he thinks he did pretty well. The best thing about the whole testing thing this week was that he didn't seem stressed out at all. That is more important to me than any score on a standardized test!

This week kind of flew by with everything going on at school. . .Besides J.J.'s testing, I had to help my students get ready for the Beta Convention coming up this Monday through Wednesday. Convention is always fun once we get everything ready and get to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Tori is going along with my parents again this year, so I am looking forward to spending time with them during my down times. And J.J., well, he always looks forward to having Dad all to himself for two evenings, plus Mamaw Sandy keeps him busy, too.

Besides the Convention next week, we have Spring Break coming up! Finally!!! Since the kids really enjoyed Wilderness in the Smokies, we are going back to slide and splash for a few days/nights. And this month, well, I turn the big 4-0! Oh, joy! Hopefully we can keep the celebration down to a minimum with this birthday...

Tonight J.J., Tori and I have a very important date. What you might ask? As of bath time tonight, our new shower and claw foot tub will be christened by the Whaley family. I can't hardly believe that we now have two fully functioning bathrooms! It has been a long time since we have had that in this house. We still have all the decorative stuff to do. . . baseboards, crown molding, door/window molding, and the addition of the vintage beach themed items. No, I really don't have a thing, yet. But, I plan to start hitting all my favorite discount places and antique stores around the area as soon as I can.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Tomorrow the kids and I are decorating eggs, a tradition for Easter eve. Not to mention that Tori and I have some creative cooking to do, and J.J. and I have a date to go to the movies in the afternoon.

I hope that your Good Friday has been full of many blessings of this Easter season.


Kim K. said...

Have a blessed Easter! Such fun pictures of the kiddos. Congratulations on the new tub being ready for usage!! Have a wonderful spring break. I'm looking forward to our break this week too. I think we've all earned it.

Mahmee said...

The big 4-0! Wowsa! Welcome (almost) to the club! Or not. Ha ha.
You guys are lucky to have had such great weather. It has been typhooning here for weeks now and I'm pretty sick of it.
Hope JJ aced the tests.
Spring break here is over...hope you all have fun on yours.
Happy bathing. Ha ha.