Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second Week of the "March" --- A Cleaning and Crafting Weekend

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day. . .a prelude to Spring!
My little leprechaun. . .isn't he cute?

Paw painting the window trim in the dining room

Making our Dollar Tree butterflies sparkle. . .

The sun was shining and so the construction dust really made an appearance all over the house. So, Saturday was spent getting rid of layers of dust for the most part, besides picking up and laundry. To see our house before I began the attack, it would seem that I never clean, do laundry, or pick-up during the week. I really would hate to see the condition of our house if I left everything for the weekend! Does anyone else have this problem!?! It drives me nuts sometimes!

Despite the Great Dust War, I did manage to do some crafts with my willing assistant. Tori had a ball putting craft glue on some Dollar Tree butterflies and then covering them in fairy dust glitter. She was astounded that mom was able to get some "pixie dust" from Tinkerbell to help decorate her butterflies. (Daddy likes to tease her and call her new Disney character fav for the moment, "Stinkerbell." She always corrects him with her "No, Daaad, it's TINKERbell!" and then starts laughing at her silly dad.) On my own, I attempted a Family Fun craft with a toilet paper roll, paint, pipe cleaners, and craft foam. My creation. . . A cute leprechaun to add to my pre-Spring/St. Paddy's Day mantel. To make this craft, go to and click on the St. Patrick's Day link to crafts, food and activities.

It looks like that our Great Bathroom Fix-Up is slowly coming to an end. The shower door came in Friday, so Tim came yesterday installed it and the other faucet for the vanity. And the tub, well, has been shipped. Maybe by next week we will have a fully functioning bathroom minus all the pretty trim work and new light fixtures. Paw Lowell helped us paint the window trim in the dining room, so this week, my tasks are to get the lace panels cut and hemmed to fit the windows (No, I don't dare to do this myself.) and have the window seat cushion made to match the new decor.

To wrap up this past weekend, Tori experienced roller skating for the first time. Jonathan had yet another party to attend, and this time Tori begged to go along. J.J. was really thrilled to have his sister along because he enjoys showing her off. Many of his friends really do enjoy seeing her. (Several of the girls in his class were more than willing to help her with her first skating experience.) Chris only got a few shots with his camera phone, so there aren't many pics to show, and g-mail is not cooperating tonight in order for me to download here. But, he said she enjoyed it for awhile, then got tired and wanted to "take these skates off." (I will try to post those two or three pics later.)

Yesterday afternoon, Tori and I took Aunt Sarah to eat at the new IHOP in Oak Ridge. She has really good days and then really crummy days where she is totally confused. Last week and this week (so far) have been really good for her. Tori has been asking to "Go see Sissy" for the last week, so since my mom is gone on vacation, I knew that this would be a good time to go for a visit and check on her. Tori was ecstatic to see her. When she saw her, she immediately hugged her and tenderly kissed Aunt Sissy on the cheek. After eating, Aunt Sarah wanted to go to Wal-Mart. When Tori wasn't riding in her wheelchair, she was walking beside Aunt Sissy holding her hand. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture because I was too busy pushing and directing the wheelchair. It was a precious sight, and one that I will put away in my storehouse of memories.

Again, I want to brag on my brother. He and his team are going to State! I know that this season my brother has worked especially hard with this group of players. AND my school's team is going, too. It is so awesome that two schools in the same county are going; it has to be a record of some kind!

Chris will be leaving us tomorrow for a conference and will not be back until Monday. The kids and I have some things planned for Dad's time away, so hopefully they (and me, too) won't miss him too much.

Well the second week of March is half done! Happy time change this weekend. . .(Yes, that is sarcasm at its finest!)

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Kim K. said...

I love all your crafty projects and fun pictures!! I'm unveiling our mudroom tomorrow morning on the blog. We're not quite done with everything, but we're close. I'm sick, sick, sick of the drywall dust. I'm right there with you, friend. Best wishes while your hubby is away at his conference. I have a love-hate relationship being a single parent when my own Chris is out of town. Hugs!!!