Friday, March 5, 2010

Let the "March" Begin!!!

The duo at Pei Wei after stuffing themselves with chicken and rice and crab raggoon.

The bathroom project at a stand-still. . .
(green walls)

The vanity with one operating sink. . .
(blue walls)

At the Bobcats vs. Blue Devils game. . .

My brother with his coaching staff during the awards ceremony. . .

My cutie-pie niece decked out in her purple and gold for Daddy. . .

Tori loves her dad's lemon icing!

I will have to say that I am so happy to see the sun today peeking out from the clouds. For the past week or longer, it has been absolutely cold, snowy, rainy, and dreary outside. We are in for a beautiful weekend, and it is about time! According to the weather people, we should expect the temps to be between 50 and 60. Come on Spring!

Also, this will be the longest month in school history for Jonathan and me. The "brilliant" powers that be on our county's school board decided to put our Spring Break in the middle of April instead of right after our third nine-week period, which would have been the most logical. But, nooo. . .they had to decide to choose the early TCAP testing date in March. TCAP testing hasn't been set this early as far as I can remember. I just hope that Jonathan and all the other kids don't suffer for a bad decision made by people who have never taught or have never stuck their big toe in a classroom. (Can you tell that I am in a mood. . .Be glad you don't live with me! I guess that light deprivation does have its effects. Ha!Ha!)

Well, now that that is out of my system, I can move on to more pleasant things. Tuesday, the Paws painted my bathroom. (Yep, we are STILL waiting for the shower door and tub to come in, but I digress.) At the Home and Garden show a couple of weekends ago, I saw lots of hues of blues and greens together. So, I choose a green hue called "cooling cucumber" (maybe I should take a hint and "veg" out!) and a blue hue called "pure ozone." Anyway, the green is the main color with the blue as an accent wall. Chris says it reminds him of being at the beach. . .I wasn't consciously going for that effect, but maybe subconsciously since I love the coast and quiet beach towns like Hilton Head. You can see the pictures above to see the progress thus far. (Plus the other pics are just a mish mash of our weekend and this week.)

We had a somewhat restful weekend last week. On Saturday, Jonathan had a birthday party, and later we went out to eat with Mamaw Sandy and Paw Estel to celebrate Chris's job promotion. We now have another favorite restaurant to add to our list, Pei Wei. It is a little Asian bistro owned by the PF Chang people. Wow! Was it ever great! After eating, Chris took the kids by Mamaw and Paw's while I stayed at Turkey Creek to do some shopping. He is such a wonderful husband! In my quest to get my dad's b-day present, I finally found curtains for my renovated dining room. And they were half off at JCP! But wouldn't you know that the panels had to come from one of the stores in Georgia. They arrived yesterday, so now its just doing the touch-ups on the window trim, so that they can go up. I really need get everything in that room in order before Easter with all our extended family coming for lunch and our annual egg hunt.

I also finally got the call from my doctor. . . everything is normal with the ole' gall bladder. Sorry, Mom, I am glad you weren't right! What a relief!!! Now, I can just going to focus on getting my IBS under control.

Last night was a proud Ingram moment in my family. My little brother and his high school basketball team won the Regional Tourney. Since he has been head coach, this is the first time they have taken first place in the Region. For me it was a little strange. . .the tourney was held at the high school I where I used to teach and my brother's team played the high school were I teach now. Needless to say, Mrs. Whaley was in a bit of a dilemma. . .so I the kids and I sat with our family and cheered for neither team. (But I was glad that my brother won. . .blood is thicker than a basketball game!)

Hope your week holds lots of good things. . . I hope to get to some fun St. Patrick's Day crafts with the kids this weekend, besides all the chores that await. Let the "March" Begin (and end quickly)!


Tori asked the sweetest question one morning this week and did the sweetest thing. (She is doing really well lately with potty training after we let her decide to do it on her own time.) Anyway, after she had used the potty the other morning, she looked up with those big brown eyes and angelic face and asked, "Are you proud of me, Mommy?" I told her I certainly was. Then she wrapped those little arms around me and declared, "I proud your my mom, and I wuv you!"

You make my heart melt baby girl. . .and I love you and J.J. more that you will ever know!


Kim K. said...

I'm so glad your test results came back normal. Whew. What a relief.

How stinky that your break is soooooo far off. My University is on break next week, but I'm going to wait until the girls K-12 break. I'm so ready for some time away from work.

Your Tori story is too sweet. Don't you just love her to pieces!!! I'm still in awe with our whole adoption experience. Our girls are such a blessings.

When are you going to post construction pics again? I'm ready to see YOUR drywall dust!!

Mahmee said...

That vanity rocks!!! Lovely.
I hope you guys do get your sunshine. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow. Blah.
Tori - you are a super sweetums!