Friday, March 12, 2010

"March"ing Through the Weekend Without Daddy

Tori helped make rainbow cupcakes for Tee-Tee.

The famous chicken pot pie

Friday night at Mr. Gatti's with other China families

Tori requested to take a "silly picture" of her brother.

Tori's first time on skates last weekend

The kids and I made it okay without Dad around. We kept busy around the house, visited with grandparents, cousins, and friends, and just spent some good quality time together. The time change just about did us all in yesterday. I had some activities planned after church, but we were just all too tired to do anything but take a long nap. Some of my problem may have been that I had no downtime this weekend. I never realized how much Chris helps me with the kids on work/school mornings and weekends until I had to do it all by myself. Wow! I am just so blessed to have such a helpful husband!

We had a little birthday celebration for Uncle Tee-Tee earlier this weekend. He is my uncle, but he is more like an older brother to me. My mom was sixteen when he was born, and Terry was about six when I was born. Anyway, we made him my "famous" chicken pot pie and rainbow cupcakes. Everyone in my family loves this chicken pot pie, so I though I would share this extremely easy recipe with you.

3-4 boiled chicken breasts, chopped in small pieces
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 pkg. prepared pie crust (the kind with two crusts in the refrigerator section with rolled biscuits and croissants)
1/2 cup sour cream (optional)
frozen or fresh veggies of your choice (I use carrots, broccoli, and sliced water chestnuts.)
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup broth from the cooked chicken

Prepare your chicken and cook your veggies. Put bottom layer of crust in oven according to package directions for about 6-7 minutes. Then mix together chicken, soup, sour cream, veggies, broth, and seasonings. Place the mixture in the pie pan, over the bottom crust. Put other crust on top, and cut shapes or slits in the top crust. Bake for about 25 minutes. You can put aluminum foil around the edges of the crust if they become too brown too soon. Let the pie cool for about 10-15 minutes before serving. This is really better the next day, so if you have time, make it the night before, then bake it the following day.

For the rainbow cupcakes, Tori and I colored the frosting green, and cut the Airheads Extreme candy into smaller strips then curved it onto the cupcake. Then we took yellow Jellybellies and added to one side of the rainbow for the "gold." I found a tropical mixture already in a package that had lots of yellow in it. These would be really cute for a St. Paddy's Day party or a classroom treat.

We are in for a busy week with my school going to the State Tourney in Murfreesboro (as well as my brother's school), St. Patrick's Day, and the Nick Live show this week that Tori and I have tickets to see. I am really looking forward to the weekend because of the Women's Expo that is held at the Knoxville Convention Center. This is one of those events I look forward to each year.

Have a great week ahead. Don't forget to wear your green on Wednesday!



Kim K. said...

I'm stealing your rainbow cupcakes for Josie's 4th birthday in June. I promise to give you credit. They are ADORABLE!! Josie's obsessed with rainbows right now and they are too cute. Your potpie recipe sounds yummy too. I wondered how you were holding up as a single parent last weekend. My Chris will be gone next week for his mom's open-heart surgery. I really don't like juggling work and kiddos by myself. Aren't good hubbies wonderful?!?!


Mahmee said...

Yeah, those rainbow cupcakes are pretty darn awesome.
That pot pie looks yummy too.
I can't show those pics to R cuz then she'll see just how much I don't measure up in the Mom fun with food arena. :-)