Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Mess!

Tearing out. . .Can you see the dust?
The tub is gone with lots of manuvering around corners and down stairs.
My great-great Granny McCartt's wash stand
The bathroom before the "Big E" got carried away

Just keep thinking about relaxing in that new tub and having that beautiful vanity installed. . .This is what I kept telling myself as I helped to sweep up years and years of dust and grime.

Saturday morning began our new adventure of remodeling our old upstairs bathroom. Because we have rarely used that bathroom in the past seven years (When we added on to the house about eight years ago, we added a new bathroom downstairs.), there wasn't much to clean out and store (Thank heaven for small favors). But, with the help of two dads, we gutted the whole bathroom except for the old hardwood floor beneath. Initially, my dad came just to help take out the old cast-iron claw foot tub. However, when the "Big E" gets started tearing out, he can't stop. So, we spent the rest of the morning/afternoon sweeping and taking out debris and dust.

J.J. had spent the night with Mamaw Sandy and Paw Estel, so he was saved from having to breathe in the dust. Tori spent most of the time in her room playing and watching "Yo Gabba Gabba," so she missed the dust-fest. I, on the other hand, was there for it all and am now paying for not wearing a mask. Yep, because of my stupidity, I now have a sinus infection. Hopefully, with time and managing with over-the-counter medicines and such, I can avoid the doctor's office and antibiotics.

On Monday, Tim our contractor arrived, and began to rough in the plumbing and electrical. Because our home is about 108 years old, nothing is a simple and easy task when it comes to remodeling. So with the help of his diligent workers, he finished all that this morning, and began the drywall and prepping the floor for tile. We are still waiting for a couple of special order pieces to come in by Monday, and hopefully by the end of next week, we will be in our new bathroom minus the paint job and trim work. (That part will await the talents of Paw and Paw construction team!)

Well, I will admit that I haven't been "Little Miss Sunshine" through this part of the ordeal. Yes, it makes me crazy and grumpy to live in unorganized piles here and there and clean up construction dust every afternoon. But, when we bought this house, I knew what I was signing on to do over the years.

Enjoy the Saturday pics of the demolition. My dad was certainly in his element!

Check back for more progress pics and our CNY and Valentine's Day weekend!

Much love covered with dust,


Kim K. said...

I can't wait to see your finished bathroom. Secretly, I'm relieved that I'm not the only person living in drywall dust and disaster. It's making me a crazy woman!!! Emma went around the house tonight and took pictures of all our mess. I'm tempted to post them on the blog later this week. Hugs!!

Mahmee said...

Dang! That's going to be a fast bathroom remodel. That's great!
After our recent discussion with the permit and planning board, I think we are leaning more toward buying a different house. Either way makes my head hurt. Ha ha.
Much dusty love to you too. :-)