Monday, February 1, 2010

A Tennessee Winter Wonderland

The forecasters predicted it. . .We waited. . .And it came. I might add it was not as bad as some in the states west of us received, but we did get some of the snow and ice. We received about three inches, but what made the driving rough around here was the layer of ice beneath and on top of the snow. So in anticipation of the weather front on Friday we were out of school, and good thing because it hit a bit earlier than they thought. So from that time on to Saturday night, we had snow and ice coming in waves.

Saturday and Sunday the kids (and I am including Chris in this category) played and rode the sled in the snow. The ice on top didn't make for good snowman making, so we didn't even attempt it. But, Jonathan especially enjoyed riding on his new sled from Aunt Angie. On Saturday, Tori was out about three minutes and was ready to go back in. "Too cold out here. I want to go in the warm inside," was her mantra over and over. Sunday was much warmer, so she did stay out a bit longer than the day before.

Today, we are home once again for a "snow day." I would think that we will heading back to school tomorrow as everything seems to be thawing out. So we are in that back-to-school mode studying for a social studies test, finishing up on laundry, and making spaghetti sauce to eat tonight and freeze for later.

To wrap up, I can't believe that February is already here! The Whaleys have a full month ahead with CNY celebrations and Valentine's Day. And we received a call this morning from our contractor that he is ready to start on our upstairs bathroom remodel. I don't look forward to the mess, but at least I will get to use my new claw foot tub soon. (And this gets me closer to having a new kitchen one day since the bathroom will have new plumbing and no more leaks!)

I hope that your February is full of good things and lots of sweet moments. . .


Mahmee said...

Happy snow daze!
Oh, and happy remodel too!

Kim K. said...

Snow days from school are the best!!! Even if we get that white stuff all the time, I always hope for a snow day. You and I can be kindred spirits with our remodeling projects. I promise to show you MY mess, if you show me YOUR mess!! Tonight we emptied out the storage room (soon to be Emma's bedroom). Everything is piled in our family room downstairs. Scare me!!