Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tori Turns Three

Tuesday, January 26...
After her princess fest on Saturday, we opted to spend her birthday with just the four of us. We let her chose the restaurant in which to have her birthday feast. She chose Aubry's instantly.

Janet, who made the gorgeous castle cake also made her a cute little princesses cake for her birthday. By the way just to let you in on my secret for her decorations and such from her party on Saturday. . .I paid very little for all of it. The Disney Store was having a huge clearance sale a few months ago, and I shopped after Halloween and Christmas to get decor and party favors. I was so proud of all my deals!

Anyway, back to Tori's evening. . .Tori and J.J. both inhaled chicken tenders and cake afterwards. Then, Tori came home to open her last gifts--a Snow White doll from J.J. and a Mrs. Potts and Chip tea cart with a tea set.

To say that the little three year old princess had a outstanding birthday is an understatement. She really was into all the birthday celebration, especially her cake. For the last few months, she has requested a "castle cake" for her birthday after spying one at a local grocery store. In fact, when we were at that particular one, we had to go by to see it, so that she could tell us what she wanted for her birthday cake. (Janet's cake, by the way, was much more beautiful than the one in the store.)

Happy Third Birthday, Baby Girl. . .Mommy, Daddy and J.J. love you very much!

Up next: Snow and ice descended on East Tennessee this weekend. Check back for our snow day pics.


Kim K. said...

Good for you on scooping up the deals for princess goodies. I love an awesome sale! That princess tea set is darling. I wish we lived closer. I know Josie would have a ball with Tori.

Mahmee said...

Clearly, I need to befriend Janet. ha ha.
That tea cart is freaking AMAZING!
Happy birthday little bunny!