Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Princess Tori

January 23. . .
Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Tori. She lived in a Victorian castle on a small hill with her royal family including a mom, dad and big brother. Because she was turning three-years-old, they decided to throw her a party. . .but not just any party. It had to be one fit for a princess. So, they found a large "ballroom' and invited all her princess friends and family.

As the little princesses twirled and pranced their way into the ball, they were treated to a royal manicure, adorned with a crown on the cheek, and bedecked with precious jewels on their wrists. After their beauty stops, they sat down at the lavishly festive tables to eat a princess's feast complete with Tiana's chicken noodle soup, Belle's French cheese toast, and Snow White's fruit platter. After that course of food, the little princesses found dresses and baubles to try on and model for each other. They giggled and fluttered about, sharing smiles and secrets like little princesses do.

As the clock ticked on, it was time for a nibble of Cinderella's castle cake with ice cream. They most enjoyed the castle turrets which they licked like lollipops with all that fluffy icing sweetness. When the princesses had their fill, it was time for Princess Tori to open all the treasures that the other princesses (and others) had brought for her. Many dolls and clothes emerged from the candy-colored bags and packages. The little princess graciously said, "Tank you" to each and every giver. And as her guest left to return to their own castles, Princess Tori handed each one a princess basket full of goodies and trinkets that any princess would love.

Before this story ends, Princess Tori would like to thank the following subjects who helped with her party: Mamaw Teina and Drake for helping with the royal decor; Janet who made her absolutely breathtaking castle cake and Wilma for being the royal photographer; Mamaw Sandy and Paw Estel for bringing the fruit and helping out where ever needed; Paw Lowell for being the royal videographer; Big Paw for helping to direct the royal carriages; Allie, Cassie and Emmie for doing the royal makeovers and bracelets; and Diane and again Mamaw Teina for helping to prepare and serve and clean up the royal banquet.

All the little princesses including the birthday princess herself had such a great time. So this ends the tale of Tori the birthday princess and her guests who lived very happily after!

The End


Kim K. said...

Such a lovely party for such a lovely little girl. I'm super impressed with all the special details. Happy Birthday, Tori!!

Mahmee said...

Ho boy!