Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Congrats Big Paw and Cute Tori Pics

With my mind on construction, I had forgotten these pics of Tori from last week and weekend. My dad is retiring in early spring from the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge after working there for 4o plus years. Because of his vacation days, his last day will be next week. His department invited his family to attend his retirement party, so my mom, brothers, Tori and I went. We had to get a clearance to journey within the barbed wire and securty laden complex. But, after the years my dad spent there, it was nice to see where he worked. We met my dad at the visitor's center and quickly took the photo of Tori and Paw.

Saturday night was J.J.'s school's WinterFest. Tori really had a good time "fishing" for a prize, getting a dog balloon, and having her face painted with a cute ladybug. Jonathan enjoyed seeing his friends and bouncing in the bounce house.

Congratulations Big Paw! I know that you will be missed at work, but you deserve to do what you like, when you like! We love you very much!


Mahmee said...

Yay!...A new post! (And now that I'm typing this, I see that there is even another one below that.) Isn't every pic of Tori a 'cute Tori pic'? We miss you guys.

Kim K. said...

What fun pictures. Congratulations to your dad on his retirement. May he enjoy his new found freedom!!!