Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rennovation Update, Pre-V-Day, and CNY

Ready for the show and being a ham in her Chinese dress...
The Dragon dancers and Red Lantern dance

V-day greetings and treats from all their friends
Helping to make and eat the V-day cupcakes

Days three and four of the Great Fix-Up

J.J. reading his latest work to his dad

Well, we can see the end in sight. All the plumbing (except for some work on the shower), drywall and floor prep is done. Tim and crew will hit it again on Monday. By Tuesday, he should be starting on the tile with all the fixtures in place. So, by next weekend, we should be able to use our new bathroom! AND get some organization around this place! Hooray! (The pics above are from days three and four of the Great Bathroom Fix-Up!)

Thursday night was very interesting in the Whaley household. With school V-day celebrations the next day coupled with the fact I had to get our tile from Home Depot in Oak Ridge, let's just say that I had my hands full. Jonathan had his usual evening out with Mamaw Sandy, so his Valentines were done the evening before and ready to be handed to his classmates. But, I had a last minute request from his teacher for cupcakes, so Tori and I made that our first project after returning from the tile errand and supper. (And of course we had to decorate them with sprinkles!) With the help of Daddy, we got her goodie bags filled for her "friends" complete with Tinker Bell Valentines per her request. (I know that is not one of Daddy's "talents," but I appreciate his help and he did an awesome job!)

While they tackled the bags , I put the all the teachers' gifts together. Whew! What a evening! When you combine all the other tasks that must be done each night, anything extra makes it somewhat of a rat race around here!

The kids both got lots of Valentines and treats from friends and classmates. In my attempt to save some of the memories, I did a college and snapped a photo for their scrapbooks.

Tonight we attended the CNY celebration at the UT campus sponsored by the Chinese Student Association. The Dragon Dance really captured Tori's attention, and after it was over, she turned to her Daddy and said, "I want to see again!" The two dancers were impressive doing all the acrobatics while managing the large dragon head.

Tomorrow we continue our celebration with lunch at P.F Chang and a little Valentine's shopping at the mall for the kids. J.J. and I have Monday off, so we are both excited about that!

Have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow and Happy Chinese New Year. . . the Year of the Tiger!



Kim K. said...

I love all the similarities that our two families have with University life, balancing construction chaos and celebrating CNY and Valentine's. Boy, I wish we lived closer. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Mahmee said...

Sounds like you guys had a crazy busy time there.
So funny...that dress Tori is wearing is the very same dress we bought for R when were in China and that she wore for the 'red couch' photo.