Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Favorite Things of CNY and Valentine's Day 2010

Celebrating TWO holidays in one day. . .

CNY tree (with a few hearts mixed in)

Receiving and opening Valentine's Day cards. . .

Lots of cards!

Red envelopes . . .

Money in those red envelopes

And "making" a new friend (while eating a sugar cookie) with that money at the mall (J.J. bought DVDs with his money.)
Eating Chinese lantern cake after a great lunch at P.F. Chang. . .

And BEST of all, being together as a family!

We hope your Valentine's Day was full of love, and your CNY 2010 holds lots of good fortune and happiness!
Lots of love,
Chris, Cindy, Jonathan, and Tori


Kim K. said...

Continued blessings to your family 2010! Wonderful pictures.

Happy V day! Happy CNY!!

Mahmee said...

That tree is soooo pretty! I recognize that lovely Asian ornament! So cool! Did you make that lantern cake...or what? That is unbelievable. 20 bucks! Holy moly! R was happy with the two gold chocolate coins that she received in hers. We seriously have to step up our game.