Monday, February 15, 2010

A President's Day Snow

A Snowy Surprise from our side door early this morning. . .

The puzzle princess hard at work this morning while Daddy was gone

She can work those 26-36 piece all by herself!

Day six of the great bathroom fix-up

Enjoying his day. . .

The "tickle monster" strikes even in the snow!

Snow buddies!

It all started at our household at 4 a.m. this morning. . .Chris got a call from the security office on campus that the roads and parking lots were snow and ice covered, so the decision was made to cancel classes and no faculty had to report. So he basically had most of the day to spend with us, except for making an appearance on campus this morning. J.J. and I already had a day off (Yep, what a waste of a snow day!), so we were already in the "no school mode." We all were glad that Daddy had an unexpected day to spend with us!

J.J. celebrated his day off by spending the night at Mamaw Teina and Big Paw's last night. When Chris came home, we stopped by to get pizza and headed out to the valley to spend our time in the snow there. Of course, that is where J.J.'s go-cart is kept, so he and Chris had an awesome time riding around in the snow, too. Tori was out about two minutes once again and was ready to go back in this time to, "Go see Mamaw!"

It was nice to have a reprieve at my mom's today with all the great bathroom fix-up going on. All the plumbing and dry wall is done, along with the laying the tile. Tomorrow is the grout work, so Wednesday we should see the tub and other fixtures go in. I can't wait to see my new tub and the vanity in place!

Have a great week. J.J. are really hoping for another day off tomorrow!


Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! I love hearing that your husband had a snowday at his University. That NEVER EVER HAPPENS in higher ed. Your bathroom progress looks fantastic!! Shall we exchange dry-wall dust pictures too? Hugs!!

Mahmee said...

What an unexpected fun day. I can't believe you are STILL getting snow. Sheesh.
Did I tell you yet that my friend who is moving away, is moving to Memphis, TN? Now, I'll have two reasons to come to TN.
So...that bathroom remodel is going fast...looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product!