Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Winter Break and Welcoming 2010

Winter Wonderland pictures from church last Sunday

New Year's Eve at P.F. Chang

Happy with her "big girl"bed
Saying good-bye to Christmas tree 2009

I am sure that by now you have gotten the point that our Christmas break was spent having fun, but also dealing with sickness. Tori began to show symptoms Christmas Day, and by early Sunday morning, it was obvious that she needed some medical attention. So we headed straight for Children's Hospital ER about 3:00 a.m. She was diagnosed with RSV and given breathing treatments while we were there. We had to continue them at home, and let me tell you that she fought them like a little tiger cub. It didn't matter that she had a "cool Nemo mask" or that she watched J.J. do this countless times before he graduated to an inhaler. Anyway, we made it through, and she is healthy and much happier now that the treatments are over.

Since we were dealing with all this sickness, we decided to cancel and reschedule our plans to visit Wilderness in the Smokies (a indoor water park resort). So we spent the rest of our break at home enjoying family time. J.J was just fine with that arrangement because Daddy took him just about everyday to ride his new wheels. In fact, let me just say that J's go-cart has a certain appeal to Daddy, too. I have already told several people that Chris and his dad really did their research for just the right one. . .safe, reliable, a good price, and big enough for them to ride, too. Yes, I think Chris is enjoying it just as much as J is!

By New Year's Eve, we were ready to all get out of the house, so we dined at our favorite Chinese restaurant (and becoming a tradition) P.F. Chang. We even had the same waiter as last year, and he remembered us! The kids crashed way before midnight, but Chris and I stayed awake to ring in the New Year. Off and on, I watched "Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve." This year it was more obvious than ever of his decline in health. . .It was really sad to watch and hear him struggle through his script.

Anyway, we spent the rest of our time off resting and recouping. Tori did have another "milestone" come and go. She is now in her official "big girl" full-sized bed. Unfortunately, it takes up quite a bit of her floor space to play, but she now has little play areas scattered throughout the room. And, after cleaning out and getting rid of a mound of toys from the playroom, she has that area now in which to spread out and play.

The first day back of school and work came and went way too quickly. J and I went back to school grudgingly, and Chris faced his new job and the first week head on. I think that he and his new position at the college are a good match. He really is good at public relations, makes careful decisions, and really has the faculty and their needs at heart.

The first week back, we had our first snow day on Friday and really, really, really cold weather. (The coldest for the longest length of time since the 1890s) Wow, was that an awesome feeling to wake up and realize that you have no school or work! (I am always just excited or more than J.J) Because the road conditions were bad with a layer of ice under the snow powder, Chris even stayed at home, too. After things cleared up as we got into Saturday afternoon, we headed to the movies and to dinner. If you haven't met the new Disney princess, Tiana, you need to make your introductions. Tori enjoyed most of the movie (She fell asleep half way in.), but J and I really got into it. He and I loved the Cajun lightening bug, Ray. My favorite thing about the movie is its 1920s New Orleans setting.

We are well into our second week back. . . And I still don't feel that great with all this darn sinus and congestion thing going on. I am finally breaking down today to take the Z-pac I was prescribed last week. (Antibiotics/steroids and Type 1 diabetes are not a good mix sometimes, so I only take them if I absolutely need them.) But the light at the end of the week is our rescheduled trip to Wilderness in the Smokies. We have a long weekend coming up, so what better way is there to spend it!?!

I hope that our blog followers are having a great beginning to 2010! Check back to get the highlights of our long weekend trip. . .

Have a fun and thankfully warmer weekend!



Kim K. said...

Let's hope that germs stay far away from your house for the next few months. Enough already!! I love the big girl bed. Too fun! We still haven't told Josie that Emma's moving out of her room. Good thing construction hasn't started yet. I can postpone this transition for a bit longer. Have a super weekend! I'm teaching at our north campus (2.5 hours away) all day Saturday. I'm hauling the family with me to enjoy the pool.


Mahmee said...

Big girl bed is great. Snow day is great. Viruses are not great at all. Now that another week has passed, I hope you guys are feeling better. R started getting sick yesterday afternoon and tomorrow is her birthday! Argh!