Friday, January 8, 2010

Having a Merry Little Christmas, Part 2

J and T woke up around 8ish to find that Santa had come for a visit, ate his treat they left for him, wrote a response to their letter, AND left some gifts. For Tori, she received what she had asked for. . .a pink kitchen and plain wooden blocks. Jonathan had a special surprise waiting for him at little later at my mom and dad's. . .a red go-cart/dune buggy! Santa had to leave it there since they have a huge family garage with an empty bay and since they have great places in which to ride it. Needless to say, this was not only a gift from Santa and Mom and Dad, but this was his birthday and Christmas gift from Paw Lowell.

Mommy received a surprise from the family, too. . .a Cricut cutter to use for my scrap booking and other craft projects plus an all-weather coat that I had been wanting. (I can't wait to have a moment to start using my cutter, and the coat has sure been handy the in the nine consecutive days of being in a deep freeze.)

Paw Lowell came for lunch and gift-opening, along with my mom and dad who had already made their rounds to my two brothers' homes to see what Santa had brought the other grand kids. Tori received a third thing she had asked for. . .a Calico Critters dollhouse. This is the same dollhouse that she had enjoyed at the toy store in Hilton Head over the summer. Paw Lowell and my parents made sure that it was fully furnished, too. (Yes, we did some cleaning out before Christmas and made a huge donation to our local charity/thrift store.) If you know me, you know that I am a bargain hunter. I must brag that I found the play table to this dollhouse at a local discount store for under $25, and the list price for it is around $160! I was so proud of the find. . .I just wished they had the house and accessories, too!

Anyway, Daddy and Paw took Jonathan out to my parents to see and experience his present. I will brag on J, too because he was very patient to wait until after lunch. Tori and I stayed home to take a needed nap while they rode the hills and trails on the new go-cart. Yep, they came home dirty from head to foot, but Jonathan was beaming with happiness and pride in his new wheels. (Later on over the break, I went for a ride, and I must say that Jonathan is a careful and conscientious driver.)

That evening we dined on turkey, ham, and the fixings at Mamaw Sandy and Paw Estel's. The highlight is always the Christmas story and the "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake. All the cousins--Luke, Emmie, Jonathan, and Tori had another present opening fest. Jonathan received a motorized scooter, while Tori received her last request--a Baby Alive. (Boy, has that doll changed since I had one many moons ago!)

Yes, the Whaleys had another awesome and blessed Christmas spent with all those that we love and hold dear. Despite our sickness, we made it through with smiles and laughter (and a little coughing and sneezing, too!)

Check back later for our New Year's Eve post!


Kim K. said...

I hope you've had a chance to use your new electric cutter. Josie would love to come play with Tori's pink kitchen. Does your husband love Jonathon's go cart? Chris would be all over that gift. Looks like a splendid Christmas.

Mahmee said...

From all of those great pics, I'd never have guessed you guys were so sick. You all look great.
Please send me that dune buggy and the pink kitchen when they have worn out their welcome! No, they are not for R...all for me.